La nuit, elles dansent

Director : Isabelle lavigne & Stéphane Thibault


This chronicle of a Cairo family, ‘They dance at night’ by Isabelle Lavigne and Stéphane Thibault, gives us an intimate insight into a clan of women, in which the art of dance has been handed down from mothers to daughters since the beginning of time. Gradually the film unveils their daily existence, made up of concern about the threats to their livelihood, tricks to deceive reality and hope for a better life. Amid the chaos, gentleness and tenderness sometimes emerge and vulnerability carves itself a small niche to live in. Like the heroines of popular mythology, these women are excessive, united, dignified and ingenious.
A really unusual film.

(Sélection internationale en compétition) Sélection internationale en compétition

Production : les films du tricycle
  Country : Canada
  Time : 83 minutes

  Version : VOSTF
  Year : 2010