Terra de Ninguém

Director : Salomé Lamas


Paulo de Figueiredo worked as a mercenary and lived on the fringes of two worlds : power and revolutions. Structured as a non-linear conversation between the filmmaker and his subject, the film took place in a « no man’s land, » a place outside of the comfort zone of both the director and her subject. While Paulo talked about anonymous locations and facts, fragments of violence and cruelty, as well as his own experiences, the filmmaker inquired about the distinctions between facts and imagination, between authentic and artistic reality, and how one could truly represent trauma, memory, and history.

(Sélection internationale en compétition) Sélection internationale en compétition

Production : O Som e a Furia
  Country : Portugal
  Time : 72 minutes

  Version : VOSTF
  Year : 2012