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Presentation and goals

Ânûû-rû Âboro has set up, since 2014, a training programme focusing on documentary Cinema to be held in parallel of the festival.

Two programmes are available :

4 weeks of accelerated training course in the profession of documentary films producer

3 weeks of documentary film writing Residence, designed for film’s directors

The project has been launched in partnership with « Ardèche Image » association, founder of the LUSSAS festival and of the « Docmonde » network, which federates the different international training programmes (Europe, Africa, Eurasia) set up by the association.

The call for application is launched through the three provinces of New-Caledonia, in Polynesia and Vanuatu.

Beyond the training course, we hope that the project will lead to a series of documentaries « Lights of Pacific », produced on ethical basis, which would benefit from the international distribution network « Docmonde ».