Aito - Les guerriers du Pacifique

Director : Sébastien Joly


About three thousand years ago, proud navigators sailed from Southeast Asia in large, oceangoing canoes. They traveled thousands of miles, only guided by the motion of specific stars, and eventually discovered a group of islands now known as French Polynesia. Only the brave survived this incredible journey ; according to a wide-spread legend, they were as strong as the wood of their weapons in ironwood or Aito as Tahitians call it. Divided into two regiments, the 511th Regiment of train from Auxonne and 6th Regiment of equipment from Besancon, Teva, Kiate, Moana, Tony, Raitupu Serge and Gislaine come either from Polynesia or from New Caledonia.

(Sélection pacifique en compétition) Sélection pacifique en compétition

Production : Showkhi production
  Country : France
  Time : 90 minutes

  Version : Version française
  Year : 2013