Director : Res Balzli


Johana, a young actress, and Button, her puppet, have chosen humour to face and beat a painful reality : the progress of an incurable disease. The film tells a story oscillating between smiles and tears, between the here-and-now and the world beyond, between documentary and poetic fiction. Despite the bitter reality of an approaching end, Button defies fate and it all becomes one big game. A harmonious film with painful interludes, an ode to the joy of life. Res Balzli observes the final battle and gives us a film overflowing with emotions.

(Sélection internationale en compétition) Sélection internationale en compétition

Fiche technique

Bouton un film de Res Balzli avec Johana Bory
et Lukas Larcher, Flavia Ravaud, Trio vocal NØRN, Rose-Marie Bory, Max Bory

Production : Balzli & Fahrer GmbH
  Country : Suisse
  Time : 78 minutes

  Version : Version originale française
  Year : 2011