Edgard Pisani, C’est beau la politique, vous savez !

Director : Jean-Jacques Rault


Edgard Pisani was unanimously disavowed when he was responsible for the ‘New Caledonia file’. At the age of 93, this former member of the French resistance, who was close to De Gaulle and Mitterrand, becoming a Prefect and then a Minister, speaks to us about the workings of Government and the meaning of the State. He also reveals the hidden side of his appointment and justifies his decisions during the events that brought our country to a standstill.

(Histoire du pays hors compétition) Histoire du pays hors compétition

Un documentaire de Jean-Jacques Rault

réalisateur Jean-Jacques Rault • auteurs Jean-Jacques Rault et Philippe Baron • image Philippe Baron • son Jean-Jacques Rault • montage Marie-Pomme Carteret • montage son et mixage Frédéric Hamelin • étalonnage Denis Le Paven • musique originale Etienne Cabaret

Production : Mille et Une. Films
  Country : France
  Time : 60 minutes

  Version : Version originale française
  Year : 2011