Empire of Dust

Director : Bram Van Paesschen


Two men from two different cultures clash in the dust of the former Belgian colony, the Democratic republic of Congo. Lao Yang, the Logistics Manager, is Chinese. Eddy, his inter- preter, is Congolese and speaks fluent Mandarin. Both of them work for a Chinese mining company repai- ring the road between Kolwezi and Lubumbashi, 300 kilometres long. Deliveries dry up and the work grinds to a halt. Through the trials and tribulations of the worksite, Bram Van Paesschen captures with deli- cious virtuosity the sometimes cruel comedy of relations between new conquerors and previously colonised people.

(Sélection internationale hors compétition) Sélection internationale hors compétition

Production : Savage Film
  Country : Belgique
  Time : 77 minutes

  Version : VOST
  Year : 2011