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Press 2010

"It’s a Conundrum"

Audience response is a finely nuanced thing. You sit at the back of a screening and feel the audience. You get so you almost notice the shift in air pressure and you become conscious of the moments that work with each audience and those that pass by.

Last night as we presented our film to the people of the Tiwaka Tribe in the far north of New Caledonia we realized this audience took away different things. They were embarrassed by the naked swimming scene and appreciative of the horsemanship. And Colleen and her magnificent parenting was the biggest hit of the night.

As independent filmmakers submitting proposals to broadcasters, commissioning editors and funding agencies for our new films we are required to indentify audience, often in a precise way. What this really means is audience most likely to realize a financial return.
But we want to make films for audience irrespective of their financial demographic, films that move people from the suburbs of Berlin to the tribes of New Caledonia. But to be a good bet for funders we need to narrow our films to fit market descriptions. As Peter Karena says, “It’s a conundrum”.

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