Lecciones para Zafirah

Director : Carolina Rivas Dominguez & Daoud Sarhandi


Lessons for Zafirah records the faces and gestures that congregate around the train « The Beast », which represents the symbolic vehicle of escape for thousands of migrants who travel to the United States. Through testimonies, the film captures the participation of people in Mexico who voluntarily provide assistance to migrants : the Women of La Patrona and Father Solalinde. The film’s images are shared with the director’s three-year-old daughter – called Zafirah - as a tale about the era in which we live. With a critical and joyful touch, the directors paint a bleak, but also a universal, portrait of human greatness - inviting the viewer to transform his or her view of migrants.

(Prix du jeune public décerné par les lycéens) Prix du jeune public décerné par les lycéens
(Sélection internationale en compétition) Sélection internationale en compétition

Production : Creadores Contemporaneos
  Country : Mexique
  Time : 75minutes

  Version : VOSTF
  Year : 2011