Naha Shi

Director : Sabine Jobert


After leaving Okinawa in 1912 to work in the nickel industry of New Caledonia, Zenziro Uichi’s life took a dramatic turn in December 1941 when Japan entered the Second World War. Just like him, a thousand of Japanese living across the island were regarded as potential enemies from one day to the next. Seventy years later, his descendants and close relatives, established in Ponérihouen and Poindimié, tell the story of their ancestor and the torments these Japanese-Caledonian families had to come to terms with.

(Sélection pacifique en compétition) Sélection pacifique en compétition

Production : Ânûû-rû Âboro
  Country : Nouvelle-Calédonie
  Time : 60 min

  Version : VF
  Year : 2015