Director : Stephano Savona


Cairo, February 2011, Elsayed, Noha and Ahmed, three young Egyptians, join the Revolution. Day and night, they occupy the square, talk, shout and dance with thousands of other Egyptians, saying what they hadn’t been able to say freely until that moment. The bloody crackdowns of the regime fan the flames of revolt. In Tahrir, the crowd puts up its resistance, they learn how to debate, how to throw stones, how to invent slogans, how to care for the injured, how to defy the Army and how to keep conquered territory : this is a free space where words fuel a feeling of euphoria. ‘Tahrir’ is a film written by the faces, hands and voices of those who experienced that time ‘on the Square’.

(Sélection Continent Africain) Sélection Continent Africain

Production : Picofilms
  Country : France, Italie
  Time : 91 minutes
Distribution : Jour 2 fête

  Version : VOSTF
  Year : 2011