The Captain and his Pirate

Director : Andy Wolff


In 2009, when the MV « Hansa Stavanger » was seized by Somali pirates for four months, international media did not report on a fascinating aspect of this front page story : the friendship that developed between chief pirate, Ahado, and captain Krysztof Kotiuk. Waiting for rescue which was slow to take shape, the captain established a relationship with his enemies in a desperate attempt to save his crew, and Ahado was the only one who did not turn his back on him. Unfortunately, under such extreme conditions, the pirate and the captain had no other option than to be enemies. The Captain and his Pirate is an intriguing psychological drama that addresses fundamental issues about relations between warring parties.

(Sélection internationale en compétition) Sélection internationale en compétition

Production : Brockhaus et Wolff GbR
  Country : Allemagne
  Time : 83 minutes

  Version : VOSTF
  Year : 2012