Wêyem, la vallée sacrée

Director : Jean-Louis Devillers


Zona Franca, a rather run-down tourist showcase, is Patagonia’s biggest shopping mall in Chile’s Magallanes Province. The story interlaces the life of Patricia, the mall’s security guard stuck in her sentry box, and of Edgardo, a politically active trucker. When the local inhabitants block the roads to protest against the rising gas prices, the tourist bubble pops. The “Highway to the End of the World” then takes on a literal meaning for the foreigners who are stuck there.

(Sélection pacifique courts-métrages en compétition) Sélection pacifique courts-métrages en compétition

Production : Quinoa, Ânûû-rû Âboro
  Country : Nouvelle-Calédonie
  Time : 28 min

  Version : VF
  Year : 2016