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Press 2010

Why We Make Documentaries

Please take a moment to read this inspiring speech from the opening of the ânûû-rû âboro festival :

"Those who trumpet the merits of the free market would have us believe that globalisation is the only path to prosperity.

That we have no choice and that the economy, services and culture should bend to market rules and that we should kneel before the new all-powerful God of merchandise.

Images have become a marketable product and a formidable weapon. We are submerged
in images from morning until night, more and more of them, moving quicker and quicker.

To go fast, you have to be brief, to be brief, you have to be simple. But can our world and its peoples’ realities be packaged into simplistic television approaches formatted for maximum audience ratings ?

Documentaries are clearly a lifeline in the general stifling of critical thought by the totalitarian market. Where sensationalist society organises a simplified mock portrayal of reality, the documentary approach is an attempt to grasp and question a complex world.

The documentary appraises reality more than reflecting it. Therein lies the philosophy of the ânûû-rû âboro festival, which in its fourth year continues to believe in alternative unalienated documentaries, articulating the true message of the world’s peoples outside the prism of dominant thinking which as we all know- is that of the
dominant class."
Paul Néaoutyine
Président de la Province Nord, New Caledonia

Please feel free to cut and paste and distribute this speech far and wide.
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