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Exode Urbain    (Prix Cèikî pour le meilleur film du pays)

Élie Violette
Savane de niaoulis dans la région de Moindou : c’est là que Vlad expérimente la culture sur butte, technique respectueuse de l’environnement issue de la permaculture.
Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Fading Sands

Stephen Limkin
Quelque chose est en train de changer dans le Pacifique. Le niveau des marées monte, les récoltes manquent, les tempêtes sont plus violentes et plus fréquentes, les bords de mer s’érodent. Le changement climatique vu des Îles Salomon est évident. Dans les atolls, on parle de désastre. Les populations du bord de mer, placées en première ligne, deviendront bientôt des réfugiés (...)
Light Studios, World Vision Solomon Islands - Australie

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Fleur de sel au Pays du roi Nick

Guy Fohringer
Installé à Poingam, Jean Broudisssou valorise les ressources locales en accueillant des visiteurs, en produisant du sel, en distillant des huiles essentielles. Il a impulsé dans ce lieu déshérité un certain art de vivre, qui repose sur le respect de la nature et la solidarité entre les hommes.
Action Biosphère - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Koindé, jadis fut la rivière

Mehdi Lallaoui
En novembre 1982 à La Foa, les tribus de Koindé et Ouipoin bloquent le chantier d’une scierie responsable d’une grave pollution de leur rivière. Un affrontement avec les gardes mobiles venus lever le barrage se solde par la mort de deux gendarmes. En conséquence, la plupart des hommes de la tribu sont jetés en prison, ne laissant à Koindé que femmes et enfants. Aujourd’hui, les (...)
Mémoires Vives Productions - Nouvelle-Calédonie, France

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Mangrove Stories (Histoires de mangrove)

Ruth Ketau
En Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée, les tribus des îles Tigak et Tsoi utilisent depuis toujours la mangrove comme source de revenus, de nourriture, de matériaux de construction et pour la protection du littoral. Face à la diminution de la mangrove et inquiètes pour les générations futures, elles décident de restaurer les zones (...)
Centre for Social, Creative Media, University of Goroka - Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

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The Island    (Prix du Centre Culturel Tjibaou décerné au meilleur court-métrage de la Compétition Pacifique)

Gabrielle Brady
Île Christmas : ici, depuis la nuit des temps, cinquante millions de crabes migrent lentement de la jungle à l’océan, alors que des milliers de migrants venus chercher refuge en Australie sont définitivement détenus dans la prison de haute sécurité de l’île. Poh Lin, un psychologue, recueille les témoignages émouvants et désenchantés des (...)
Alex Kelly, Gabrielle Brady - Australie

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Closing the Gap

Llane Munau
"Closing the Gap" looks at the way women from opposing clans in the province of Simbu, in Papua New Guinea, bind together to ensure peace and justice in cases of sorcery and tribal warfare.
Centre for Social, Creative Media, University of Goroka - Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

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Échec et Mathadhé    (Prix NC1 décerné à la meilleure réalisation technique du film du pays)

Cristèle Deplanque
Lucky Mathadhé had everything a man could dream of : a wife, children, a job and, as son of the Chief, a status within his tribe... until he decided to move on. With no income, no family and no place to call home, he now lives and breathes for his only passion : chess.
Quinoa, Ânûû-rû Âboro - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Haere Maï, le premier pas

Raïnui Atapo
Since I was a kid, I have always wondered how and why my family settled in New Caledonia. Sharing testimonials and confidences, young and not so young Tahitian mates tell me how it all began for them here.
Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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La flûte des guerriers    (Prix Cèikî pour le meilleur film du pays)

Guy Fohringer
Air and Water pollution, impacts on public health and environment... the situation around the planet is most alarming, and New Caledonia is no exception with its nickel industry and the emergence of consumer society. However, there is some hope thanks to those who promote a nature-friendly and healthier (...)
Association Action Biosphère - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Benoît Guichon, Téin Vaiadimoin
As the sun rises on the tribe of Galilée, the day starts early and will go until late, dictated by works in the fields, housekeeping and relaxing break in the kava bar. This is what everyday life looks like in the Amoa valley, on the East coast of New Caledonia.
Waâwa Corp, Ânûû-rû Âboro - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Aaron Fernandes
"Sting coins" captures the work of a sporting initiative in one of Madang’s settlements under the leadership of Awok Awok.
Centre for Social, Creative Media, University of Goroka - Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

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Wêyem, la vallée sacrée

Jean-Louis Devillers
Zona Franca, a rather run-down tourist showcase, is Patagonia’s biggest shopping mall in Chile’s Magallanes Province. The story interlaces the life of Patricia, the mall’s security guard stuck in her sentry box, and of Edgardo, a politically active trucker. When the local inhabitants block the roads to protest against the rising gas prices, the tourist bubble pops. The (...)
Quinoa, Ânûû-rû Âboro - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Wosera Justice    (Prix du Centre Culturel Tjibaou décerné au meilleur court-métrage de la Compétition Pacifique)

Llane Munau
Wosera Justice focuses on the work of the eponym Centre in Papua New Guinea. The film shares the experiences of violence suffered by two families and demonstrates how the support of the crisis centre staff contributes to make sure justice prevails and reconciliation finds its way.
Centre for Social, Creative Media, University of Goroka - Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

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Aline, sage-femme kanak

Wylfried Pagoubéalo
Eighty-two year old Aline lives in Tendo, near Hienghène. Just like her mother, she uses traditional kanak medicine to look after pregnant women.
Hânu Marip - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Kevin Wayaridri
Gégé is only twelve but he already lives a tumultuous life, split between his family and his neighbourhood. The teenager is passionate about hip-hop : we follow him overcoming the hardship and the cracks of a highly selective system to take part in a Battle in La Rochelle.
Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Jeune tribal

Clarisse Ele-Hmaea
He does not speak much but he is said to be a good fisherman and a hard-working farmer. As anybody knows, Elvis (aka Ataï) would never leave his community.
Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Kiamou    (Prix NC1 décerné à la meilleure réalisation technique du film du pays)

Benoit Guîchon
Kiamou, an elderly from Néouta, near Ponérihouen, looks back full of nostalgia and reflects on her early years. She shares her everyday activities while preparing the pandanus leaves, which will be used for custom mats.
Ânûû-rû Âboro - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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La place 2    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

Glenn Wahnawe and Joël Heiec
In 2011, « The Place » highlighted the daily routine of youngsters from the Vallée-du-tir neighbourhood, who had gone adrift. Two years later comes a sequel as filmed by two youths living in this typical, working-class district.
Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Renagi Taukarai
Lapan is a film centred on Miriam Potopi, one of the first female magistrates in PNG. While she is charismatic and highly educated, Miriam has to face many challenges.
Centre for Social & Creative Media, University of Goroka - Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

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Les couleurs de mon quartier

Bénédicta Cidopua
In the Tindu neighbourhood, we follow a group of youngsters. Four of them open up and share, each in their own way, their strategy to cope with life.
Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Meri Markham

Klinit Barry
Jenifer Baing Waiko belongs to the Aztera clan ; she is the daughter of a leader and former political figure and her mother comes from New Zealand. She works on the family cocoa farm with her husband and is involved in an NGO. Determined to share her strength and determination to help her country, she decides to go into (...)
Centre for Social & Creative Media, University of Goroka - Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

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Never give up    (Prix du Centre Culturel Tjibaou décerné au meilleur court-métrage de la Compétition Pacifique)

Ruth Ketau
"Never Give Up" is the moving story of Gina Baidam, a community worker from Serimambu, a remote village in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea. In the face of the hardship that pregnant women must cope with, Gina’s ambition is to contribute to change people’s mentalities.
Centre for Social & Creative Media, University of Goroka - Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

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Taan na kîjiin

In 2013, the storytellers association of Tagadé celebrated its ten-year anniversary with a tales festival. The film recounts the highlights of this event and presents interviews of local and international storytellers.
Tagadé, conteurs du Nord - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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When We Were Hela

Ian T.Shearn and Olivier Pollet
With exceptionally abundant mineral resources, Papua New Guinea attracts financial interests, which undermine the living conditions of the indigenous population and their environment. The film includes shocking images of the consequences of a liquefied natural gas development project run by Exxon (...)
The Gumption Group - États-Unis/France

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Yu ken mekim

Janet Munaup
A former fish vendor in the streets of Goroka, Rita Kare now runs a small restaurant. With her husband Peter, she is determined to achieve their dream of establishing a successful business.
Centre for Social & Creative Media, University of Goroka - Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

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Bingo sauvage

Méryl Heneke
In Tindu, on the outskirts of Nouméa, as everywhere across New Caledonia, bingo addicts go regularly to illicit game sessions known among the population as « wild » bingos. The documentary reflects the most shared views on the benefits and drifts of this well-established activity.
Association Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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De la terre et des hommes    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

Hélène Bucco
In 2013, WWF in New Caledonia, in partnership with ADEME (a public body promoting sustainable development) and the Northern Province launched a program to raise awareness on domestic composting, mulching and natural fertilization techniques. One hundred participants from the tribe of Gööpä expressed interest in learning these simple and eco-friendly (...)
WWF France - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Le dernier bac    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

Jean-Louis Devillers
There has never been a bridge spanning the Ouaième River. The only way to cross and reach the other bank is to take a ferry. This survival of the old days is highly symbolic as it is the last one of its kind in New Caledonia.
Jean-Louis Devillers - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Le silence des anciens    (Prix NC 1ère décerné par Nouvelle-Calédonie 1ère au meilleur court- métrage du Pacifique)

Sandrine Coulon
Following unique life courses, this documentary recounts the settlement of the ever low-profile Indonesian community in New Caledonia.
Association Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Piété filiale

Cristèle Deplanque
First, there was Confucius, a Chinese philosopher born in 551 BC, who taught that filial piety ensured social and family harmony. Then, there was Peter and Mary, Japanese/Vietnamese grand-parents. And finally comes Cristèle, a mother of two mixed-blood children, questioning in 2013 how best to transmit this (...)
Association Poadane - Nouvelle-Zélande

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Queen of the Desert

Alex Kelly
Starlady is a unique social worker, using creative means to fight against the despair of young Aborigines and their isolation : she teaches make-up, hair dye and hairdressing within communities of remote desert areas in Australia, helping foster greater trust and pride among these people.
360 Degree Films - Australie

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Yuri Wejieme
Following a tragedy that claimed the lives of five of them in the subdivision of Tuband, a group of youth feels the need to pay their respect to the victims through music while embracing the future.
Association Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Brigitte Whaap
How to preserve traditional culture is the key question raised by the elders in Tiabet, a community part of the village of Poum. The tentative answer is a chiefdoms’ fair called "Hiiyac" where the elders are able to contribute to the passing down of knowledge and expertise to the children.
association Poum animation - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Ceci n’est plus un fromage

Jimmy Janet
Uprooted from metropolitan France when his parents relocated in New Caledonia, Jimmy returned to his home land as an adult with a view to get a sense of what his family background was. Having grown up with all family ties severed, he is left with a creative option : testing cheese produced in the different regions which register on the multiple branches of his family (...)
Cinédoc Production - France

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Jeunes filles du quartier    (Prix NC 1ère décerné par Nouvelle-Calédonie 1ère au meilleur court- métrage du Pacifique)

Bénédicta Cidopua
Anaïs, sixteen, and Sophie, twenty, found themselves at a crossroads in their life : having already left school, should they consider further training, looking for a job or raising children… A group of mothers living nearby provided some counseling and helped them by sharing their own experience.
Association Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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L’artisanat de Malia

Yvette Bouquet
Malia comes from the little island of Futuna, off Fiji : she loves to share her traditional know how and she holds regular workshops in youth centres on sewing and bark cloth production.
Association Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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L’éducation spirituelle de ma mère

Alphonse Kate
« What are the driving forces behind my mother’s spiritual commitment ? To try to find out, I decided to produce her portrait. »
Association Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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La Roche grise    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

Michelle Noel
There was an old building in Yaouhé, South of Noumea, which people used to call "the Grey Rock". But for young director Michelle, it was much more than a house in decay soon to be pulled down : it was the "castle" where she used to play as a kid…
Association Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Les pieds-racines

Gaëlle Garcia
« Children of this Land » is an NGO launched on Internet to address challenges and pitfalls experienced by some students. Reïva is the founder of this association : she works hard to achieve her project, an Oceanian-style, university campus.
Association Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Let Us Persevere in What We have Resolved before We Forget

Ben Russell
Here we are on the island of Tanna, South of Vanuatu. Strange rites are performed like the raising of an incongruous flag, a ceremony part of the so called "Cargo cult". This prevaricated re-appropriation of Western forces by those ethnic tribes convinced of their magical powers takes place in the heart of an indifferent and luxuriant nature. Yet do not expect analysis or (...)
Rouge International - États-Unis, France

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Rouge et verte : c’est ma terre

Suzanne Kourevi
Red is my soil in Yaté where we grow traditional tubers. Green is our nickel and the smelter under construction. This industrial facility has raised concern among the population, who still questions the future impact of this project on environment.
Association Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Mrs Joubert nee Devillers is a hard-working farmer and innovative businesswoman. Her strength, humility and generosity compel to refine the clichés about the "Caldoche" or, to be less derogatory, the people of "Caledonian extraction".
Association Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Boaé Tyéa
Wimawi is the name of a Kanak mourner’s mask from the Hoot ma Whaap region, belonging to the Whaap clan. After being sold and taken to an unknown land, it goes through various pairs of hands before being sold at auction. Currently exhibited at the Quai Branly Museum, this spirit from the land of the dead tells its story : the story of the Kanak (...)
Ânûû-rû Âboro - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Kanaky mon pays

Christophe Soéroastro
This is the portrait of a young Kanak student, a voluntary exile, who is in France to go to university. ‘Kanaky my country’ illustrates the difficulties of young Kanaks in France, the cultural divide, family and community isolation and the heavy responsibility of honouring the hopes and expectations of parents and (...)
Ânûû-rû Âboro - France, Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Lynda Mayat
Benoit Boulet tell the ceremony of the yam to Werap, on Easter.
Ânûû-rû Âboro, avec le concours d’Hânu marip - Kanaky-Nouvelle-Calédonie

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L’autre voyage

Caroline Tikouré
Jean-Paul is a traveller. Home again after his army years in France, he is back in the tribal village of Kongouma. There he embarks on a different kind of journey, through alcohol, cannabis and kava. His addiction drags him down.
Ânûû-rû-âboro, Ateliers Varan - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

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La plantation de l’igname

Collectif internat Païk Kaléone
The Traditional gestures of planting yam step by step.
Ânûû-rû Âboro, avec le concours d’Hânu marip - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Société injuste de consommation

Christophe Soéroastro
Some families living in squatter settlements have been rehoused by SIC (New Caledonia Housing Corporation) in apartments where the rent is too high for their meagre income. A family talks about its daily difficulties in an apartment where examples of bad workmanship abound.
Poadane - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

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La sculpture

Collectif internat Païk Kaléone
Edouard Béalo Paehwuan Poa is a sculpture artist in Moindo. In this film, he explains his work.
Ânûû-rû Âboro, avec le concours d’Hânu marip - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

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La monnaie kanak

Lynda Mayat
Benoit Boulet makes Kanak currencies which are giving during ceremonies marking a birth, marriage or bereavement. Exchanged, it bears the word forcefully.
Ânûû-rû Âboro, avec le concours d’Hânu marip - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Mate mo kanaky

Désiré Kabwa Menrempon
4 May 2008, at Gossanah, the survivors, the former prisoners of the Watétë cave at Gossanah, the people of Gossanah and Téouta at last break their silence to relate their version of the tragic events and physical abuse they suffered at the hands of the French army during the tragic events on (...)
Ânûû-rû âboro - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Le lien : quatre femmes artistes kanak

Colette Watipan
Four artist womens, Micheline Néporon, Paula Boi Gony, Denise Tiavouane, Yvette Bouquet, speak about their work.
Poadane - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

JPEG - 123.2 ko

Un kanak à Paris

Jimmy Janet
The film could also be called ‘a writer in Paris’ or ‘a Kanak writer in Paris’ because it follows Denis Pourawa as he visits the French capital.
Ânûû-rû Âboro - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Bb LECTURE : les mots, ces beaux arbres qui poussent

Désiré Kabwa Menrempon
In Canala, Marie-Adèle Jorédié built on the ‘Kanak Community Schools’ by starting baby reading workshops. Establishing an early rapport between children and books in the Kanak world of oral tradition is challenging but can help children learn the Xârâcùù language at a young age and develop a taste for (...)
Association A venir, Province nord, ânûû-rû âboro - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

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