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Another Country

Molly Reynolds
The great Australian Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil tells the story of "Another Country" and explains what happened when his people’s way of life was interrupted by modern world explorers, up in the Northern Territories.
Vertigo Productions - Australie

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Les évasanés

Olivier Gresse
Every year, hundreds of Caledonian patients suffering from serious diseases are flown to Sydney. Dropped into an environment unknown to most of them, they recreate a brotherly community where social and ethnic constraints tend to vanish.
Duol Productions, Ânûû-rû Âboro, Les Films de la pluie - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Putuparri and the Rainmakers

Nicole MA
Tom Putuparri Lawford is an Aborigine caught between two worlds. He has given in to the temptations of the modern world but has accepted the responsibility of guiding his community, to fight for his clan’s ancestral lands and to work to ensure traditional know-how is passed down.
Sensible Films - Australie

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The Ground We Won

Christopher Pryor
With a strong desire to push their limit, an eclectic rugby team of farmers strive to redeem themselves from a long run of bitter loses. In the face of the hefty demands of farming and fatherhood, the Saturday game has becomes the focus of the men’s passions : it is on the ground that they can demonstrate their worthyness and promote the values they cherish (...)
Deer Heart Films - Aotearoa Nouvelle-Zélande

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The Journey

Jan Kounen, Anne Paris
Leina, a French-Japanese freediver, is expecting her first baby. Her partner Jean-Marie, an expert on cetaceans, is passionate about underwater shots and has earned international recognition for the quality of his productions. The documentary directors share with us this unique contact of Leina with whales, sperm whales and dolphins over the last four months of her (...)
Bellota Films - France

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The Price of Peace    (Prix de la Bibliothèque Bernheim décerné au meilleur long-métrage de la Compétition Pacifique)

Kim Webby
Accused of terrorism, running a private militia and jailed on gun charges, political activist Tame Iti fights for the right of his tribe Ngai Tuhoe to be a sovereign nation within New Zealand. How high is the price for peace ?
Conbrio Media - Aotearoa Nouvelle-Zélande

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Un rêve kanak, les étoiles du football

Jenny Briffa
Jacques Zimako, Antoine Kombouaré, Christian Karembeu are all Kanak soccer stars. What was their background ? What did their career look like ? Who are the emerging players being trained today to become tomorrow’s champions ?
TêTemBa productions, Grand Angle, Canal + Calédonie - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Waiting for John

Jessica Sherry
When the American military landed on the island of Tanna during World War II, the islanders were amazed by America’s fantastic cargo - planes, trucks, canned food. They thought such goods could only come from the Gods. A religion was born : the John Frum Movement, now considered the last surviving Cargo (...)
Alita Films - États-Unis/Vanuatu

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Being Bruno Banani

Susann Wentzlaff and Jörg Junge
In the Pacific Ocean, the Kingdom of Tonga seeks an athlete who could qualify as a luger in the forthcoming Winter Olympic Games. While two German coaches feel quickly at home in this heavenly environment, the first training sessions on the island give rise to some colourful situations. When Bruno Banani qualifies, he sets off to discover a totally different world to (...)
Mediaheadz - Allemagne

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Black Panther Woman

Rachel Perkins
In 1972, Marlene Cummins, an Aborigine, fell in love with the leader of the Australian Black Panther Party. With the break up of that relationship, she spiralled into a cycle of addiction that left her on the streets and vulnerable. Fourty years later, still struggling with addiction, Marlene travels to a gathering of international Black Panthers in New (...)
Blackfella Films - Australie

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Cap Bocage

Jim Marbrook
In January 2008, at Cap Bocage, a headland on the East coast of New Caledonia, heavy rains washed toxic sludge from the hilltop of nickel mines into kanak customary fishing grounds below. Florent Eurisouké, an independence activist, and his environmental organisation "Mèè Rhaari" take on the mining company and demand that the bay be cleaned (...)
Jim Marbrook - Nouvelle-Zélande

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Carsud - Toute une histoire

Emmanuel Desbouiges and Dorothée Tromparent
Between 2007 and 2008, the bus company Carsud experienced a prolonged strike punctuated by urban guerilla and violent clashes between USTKE activists and Police forces. From 2009 onwards, as all the staff and executives embraced a new business model, the company became a benchmark for labour (...)
PAO Production - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Déwé Gorodé, écrire le pays

Deborah Walker and Neil Morrison
In this focus filmed shortly before he died, Nidoish Naisseline, one of the customary chiefs of Mare, in the Loyalty Islands, shares his perspective on the evolution of the kanak society, while embracing his fifty-year long political career, which started on the Paris barricades in May (...)
Dragonfish - Nouvelle-Zélande

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Échos militants

Margaux Dufourmentel and Arnaud Biaujaud
This ensemble documentary interweaves the lives and viewpoints of Australian environment activists. As young members of an international Punk-Hippie community camp in thousand year-old trees to protect them, inhabitants of the Mary Valley stand together to campaign against the construction of a dam which would destroy their (...)
L'Atelier Horsham - France

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Hip Hop-eration

Bryn Evans
Who said grandma couldn’t be a hip-hop star ? These senior citizens may be almost a century young each, but for Kara (ninety-four), Maynie (ninety-five) and Terri (ninety-three), the trip to the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas is just the beginning of a life’s journey.
Inkubator Ltd - Nouvelle-Zélande

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Le test, chronique d’une initiation

Adilah Dolaiano
In the Solomon Islands, Ernest has been selected to learn the secrets of traditional bonito fishing. This village boy from the Makira province will reconnect with an ancient tradition, which was used by the elders as a ritual of initiation but had been forgotten for more than thirty years.
La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse, Sukwadi media - France/Îles Salomon

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Naha Shi

Sabine Jobert
After leaving Okinawa in 1912 to work in the nickel industry of New Caledonia, Zenziro Uichi’s life took a dramatic turn in December 1941 when Japan entered the Second World War. Just like him, a thousand of Japanese living across the island were regarded as potential enemies from one day to the next. Seventy years later, his descendants and close relatives, established in (...)
Ânûû-rû Âboro - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Next Goal Wins

Mike Brett and Steve Jamison
After suffering a crushing defeat 31-0 against Australia in 2001, American Samoa – officially the worst football team on earth – were still in search of their first ever competitive win. Then came maverick Dutch coach Thomas Rongen, whose mission was to help the national team achieve this elusive (...)
Agile Films, Archer's Mark - Royaume-Uni

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Nick and Chai    (Prix du public parrainé par les Nouvelles calédoniennes)

Rowena Sanchez and Charena Escala
In November 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan claimed the lives of Nick and Chai Quieta’s four children and destroyed their home in Leyte, leaving them with nothing but each other. Four months later, the couple found in their mutual love the energy they needed to move forward.
Hiraya Pictures - Philippines

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Nidoish Naisseline, une parole qui ne meurt pas

Nunë Luepack
Veteran activist and longest standing member of the New Caledonian Government, Déwé Gorodé shares a moment with Maori writer Witi Ihimaera. Her poetry, short stories and novels tell the history of New Caledonia’s journey towards its emancipation better than any historical essay.
SaNoSi Productifons - France

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Lynette Wallworth
Set against the stunning backdrop of the industrial seaside town of Port Kembla, in New South Wales, a feisty and resilient community group have determined to take back the responsibility that most of us leave to someone else – to care for their own dead. As their plans for community-based funerals gather momentum, one of their own is diagnosed with a life-threatening (...)
Scarlett Pictures - Australie

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Totem et Tabou

Bernard Lassauce
As the population of New Caledonia will soon have to choose its destiny, what does remain from the concept of independence after thirty years of clashes and reconciliations ? This is the story the film aims to tell, using video archives, interviews from the 1980s as well as recent footage.
Régis Ayache, EKLA Production - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Une nature envahissante

Jenny Briffa
Invasive species are the second most important cause of global biodiversity loss and New Caledonia is no exception : deers, cats, rats, pigs and ants destroy the Caledonian biodiversity. And consequences go far beyond environment as they can be economic or social.
TêTemBa Productions, Grand angle - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Vive la France    (Prix de la Bibliothèque Bernheim décerné au meilleur long-métrage de la Compétition Pacifique)

Titti Johnson and Helgi Felixon
Fourty-six nuclear tests in the open air and one hundred and fourty-seven underground nuclear tests have been carried out in the Southern part of the Tuamotu archipelago, in French Polynesia. Today, on the Tureia atoll, the population reflects on the Moruroa nuclear campaign and its consequences. What is the risk incurred by the atoll if the rifts in the Moruroa reef (...)
Felix Film AB - Suède/Finlande/Norvège/Islande

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Walking Under Water

Eliza Kubarska
Borneo. The ancient traditions of the Sama-Bajau, nomads of the sea and extraordinary divers, are in danger of disappearing. Fending off the end of this world, a fisherman tries to pass on these ancestral skills to his nephew. But globalisation and tourism advance inexorably. The young man hesitates in the face of (...)
Monika Braid, Braidmade Films, Stefan Kloos from Kloos & Co. Medien. - Pologne/Allemagne/Royaume-Uni

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Paco Toledo and José Domingo Rivera
In 1994, a Hollywood production would change forever the life of the people from Easter Island. Blockbuster « Rapa-Nui » poured millions of dollars onto this tiny island and gave every resident a temporary job, but it also strongly impacted their traditions and the image many of them still held of their (...)
Andoliado - Espagne/Chili

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Ananahi, demain

Cécile Tessier-Gendreau
« Takanini » is a group of Marquesan musicians with a unique style of reggae. They sing in their language, stand up for their culture and promote their values. Their message is somewhat disturbing, yet the evocative power of their music captures the imagination. Torn between tradition and modernity, the members of « Takanini » sing the difficulties of building their identity (...)
France Télévisions, Polynésie 1ère et Anekdota Productions - France

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Big Name No Blanket

Steven McGregor
The Warumpi Band originated in the 80s in the Australian bush. Singer and charismatic leader Georges Rrurrambu made his claim to fame with a range of English-sung hits, but the first Aboriginal rock group is chiefly reminded for singing in Aboriginal languages.
Night Sky Films Pty Ltd - Australie

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Les horizons chimériques    (Prix du Meilleur long-métrage du Pacifique décerné par Ânûû-rû Âboro)

Gilles Dagneau
Bruno, Jean-François, David and some others left France a good while ago, sacrificing to the myths of sun-drenched islands, pristine lagoon waters and lush forests. Once there, they were quickly disillusioned : seeking a job and trying to integrate in small communities proved more challenging than they thought, and this documentary found them today uprooted and (...)
aaa production - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Maori Boy Genius

Pietra Brettkelly
Fifteen-year old Ngaa Rauuira is a precocious and highly talented adolescent who can already see himself as a Prime Minister of New Zealand. The camera follows him when he enrolls in the prestigious Yale University, a once in a life time experience for this young student who caries the hopes of his small Maori (...)
Joanna Paul, Jennifer Fox, Michael Haslund-Christensen et Vicki Jackways - Nouvelle-Zélande

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Nuclear Savage

Adam Jonas Horowitz
In the Fifties, the United States carried out sixty-seven atmospheric nuclear tests within the Marshall Islands, exposing populations to significant radioactive fall-out which caused burns, cancers and birth defects... Islanders from Rongelap and Bikini had to leave their devastated islands but some of them were relocated on highly contaminated (...)
Primordial Soup Company - USA

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Un caillou et des livres

Alan Nogues
Mixing fiction with reality, « Un caillou et des livres » takes you on a journey to familiarise yourself with New Caledonian writers. Come and visit a realm where authors enjoy a genuine freedom of expression when talking on social and cultural issues.
Capture production - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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First Contact

Bob Connoly et Robin Anderson
In 1930, three Australian gold diggers on a prospecting journey in the highlands of New Guinea, which was thought to be uninhabited, came face to face with a native population noone had ever heard of, the Ganiga. Fifty years later, Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson went to this remote community and showed its members images of this « First contact (...)
Arundel production - Australie

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Joe Leahy’s Neighbours

Bob Connoly et Robin Anderson
The film traces the fortunes of Joe Leahy, mixed-race son of Australian explorer Michael Leahy, in his uneasy relationship with his tribal neighbours. Joe built his coffee plantation on land bought from the Ganiga in the mid 1970s. European educated, raised in the highlands of Papua, freed by his mixed race from the entanglements of tribal obligation, Joe spends much of (...)
Arundel production et La Sept - Australie

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Black Harvest

Bob Connoly et Robin Anderson
« Black Harvest » is the third part of the cult trilogy by Connoly and Anderson. The film recounts the striking encounter between a traditional society and economic liberalism, as well as a portrait of Joe Leahy, a coffee grower torn between two cultures. It profoundly changed documentary film and is often cited as one of the most engaging examples of the narrative power of (...)
Arundel production et La Sept - Australie

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West Papua

Damien Faure
For the past fourty years, the Indonesian government has pursued an amazingly violent policy against the people of West Papua who have been standing up to assert their cultural identity and gain political emancipation. Contrary to the East Timor conflict which attracted international attention, the West Papua case has remained strangely enough out of the public (...)
Damien Faure / Kimsa Films - France

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La colonisation oubliée

Damien Faure
Nine years after his first encounter with Papuan militants and General Bernard Mawen, Director Damien Faures returned along the Indonesian border for an update of the situation. But Mawen was nowhere to be found.
aaa production and Arte G.E.I.E - France

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La tête d’Ataï

Medhi Lallaoui
In June 1878, a great Kanak uprising broke out in response to the confiscation of indigenous land and the relocation of the tribes in reservations. Chief Atai, one of the key figures leading this rebellion, was killed in September and his head was sent to France. While this strong symbol of Kanak resilience went missing a few years later, Atai’s memory shines forth at the (...)
Mémoires Vives Productions - France / Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Naissance d’une Nation

Ben Salama et Thomas Marie
When Kanak leader Jean-Marie Tjibaou and his political opponent Jacques Lafleur dared to shake hands twenty-five years ago, it triggered a unique decolonisation process in France’s history. Today, the people of New Caledonia seek to share a common history to build a peaceful nation.
Un Monde Meilleur - France

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Aito - Les guerriers du Pacifique

Sébastien Joly
About three thousand years ago, proud navigators sailed from Southeast Asia in large, oceangoing canoes. They traveled thousands of miles, only guided by the motion of specific stars, and eventually discovered a group of islands now known as French Polynesia. Only the brave survived this incredible journey ; according to a wide-spread legend, they were as strong as the (...)
Showkhi production - France

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Aux enfants de la bombe

Christine Bonnet & Jean-Philippe Desbordes
To the children of the bomb reflects on nuclear tests which took place on Moruroa and Fangataufa, French Polynesia, as put into perspective by Bernard Ista, an engineer from the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). Ista filmed the tests and kept a priceless chronological journal from 1960 to 1995. He died of cancer in (...)
Mano a mano / Polynésie 1ère / Archipel production - Polynésie française

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Canning Paradise    (Prix du Meilleur long-métrage du Pacifique décerné par Ânûû-rû Âboro)

Olivier Pollet
Canning Paradise is a feature-length documentary about one of the world’s most prized resources, and those who pay for it. Decades of overfishing by the global tuna industry have now pushed the final frontiers to the waters of Papua New Guinea. Fifty years ago, the world was fishing out 400 000 tons of tuna. Today this number is approximately 4 million. This film follows (...)
Fourth World Film - Australie / Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

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Le Mariage du Chef

Marguerite Wacalie
Galue, Walölö and Waïmo prepare for the wedding of their Grand Chief. We are in the district of Gaica, one of the three subdivisions that make up the island of Drehu (Lifou, Loyalty Islands). Major preparations are underway for this marriage, as this rare ceremony will be an opportunity to reveal some sacred places and share many stories. Come and be part of this unique (...)
Ânûû-rû Âboro - Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Lon Marum : People of the Volcano

Filip Tavelu & Soraya Hosni
Lon Marum : People of the Volcano tells the story of one of the most active volcanoes in the world, shared by the people who have had the longest relationship with it. The film engages with the complex reality that shapes when custodians of local knowledge are placed in direct contact with visiting scientists. Voices shift from local scholars attempting to stem the erosion (...)
AFD & Further Arts - Vanuatu

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Une justice entre deux mondes

Eric Beauducel
This documentary follows professional magistrates involved in a unique jurisdiction, half way between justice as delivered by the French Law and traditional Kanak Law : structured as a road movie, it takes you to customary hearings in Noumea as well as itinerant hearings in remote Kanak tribes, including on the little island of Belep, off the Northern tip of New Caledonia. (...)
EKLA Production - France

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Further to the Matignon Accords

Bernard Baissat
Activists, political leaders, mayors of New Caledonia, students, journalists, historians, ethnologists and citizens told of what they saw, heard and felt over the two years following the Matignon-Oudinot Accords signed off in 1988.
Bernard Baissat - France, Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Iora, the « Stone » of the Pacific

Michel Bongiovanni
For one hundred and fifty years, New Caledonia has been subjected to tensions and sporadic unrest. In 1984, pro-independence supporters called for an "active" boycott of the elections : it marked the beginning of a period of turmoil which was conclusive for recognizing the identity of this French Territory known as "the (...)
- Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Umätu, le chant du notou    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

Antoine Reiss et Boaé Tyéa
Série de courts métrages sur la TOPONYMIE « Un lieu, une histoire » ‘Umätù’, the song of the Nautou (pigeon), tells the story of the origin of the name Umätù (Ometteux). When eating the fruit of the ‘Uécia’ tree, the Nautou spluttered ‘Û, û, û’.
Ânûû-rû Âboro - Nouvelle-Calédonie

JPEG - 268.7 ko

Mââcelo, l’esprit de l’eau    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

Antoine Reiss et Boaé Tyéa
Série de courts métrages sur la toponymie « Un lieu, une histoire » Mââcèlo, the water spirit is a meeting with the elders of Gohapin village. When night falls and the water level in the creeks changes, you can hear the chants of ‘Mââcèlo, the water spirit’. Only the initiated are allowed to decipher them. Like dialogue, one calls and one (...)
Ânûû-rû Âboro - Nouvelle-Calédonie

JPEG - 265.7 ko

Du, le piège à poisson    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

Antoine Reiss et Boaé Tyéa
Série de courts métrages sur la TOPONYMIE « Un lieu, une histoire » At Pwö Tèda, the river runs out into the sea. This is where the outrigger canoes are pulled up onto the shore and fish is bartered for food crops from up the valleys. And here it is that the elders have built a ‘Du’ fish trap, a barrier of rocks in which is buried the magic mackerel (...)
Ânûû-rû Âboro - Nouvelle-Calédonie

JPEG - 242.4 ko

Diti, la creek à l’aiguille    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

Antoine Reiss et Boaé Tyéa
Série de courts métrages sur la TOPONYMIE « Un lieu, une histoire » At Tumâ village, ‘Hê pwa tè Diri ‘ (Eel Creek) is home to a malevolent spirit who must not be disturbed at sunrise or sunset, or it might bite.
Ânûû-rû Âboro - Nouvelle-Calédonie

JPEG - 336.3 ko

Ochre and Ink, a Chinese artist in Aboriginal Australia

James Brad
The fascinating story of Chinese-Australian artist Zhou Xiaoping and his inspiring but sometimes controversial 23 year collaboration with Aboriginal artists in remote Arnhem Land, culminating in an extraordinary exhibition in Beijing…
Yellows Mountains Films - Australie

JPEG - 108.9 ko

Murundak, song of freedom

Natasha Gadd et Rhys Graham
« Murundak Songs of Freedom » journeys into the heart of Aboriginal protest music following the Black arm band, a gathering of some of Australia’s finest Indigenous musicans, as they take to the road with their songs of resistance and freedom, From the concert halls of the Sydney Open House to remote Aboriginal communities of the Northern Territory, murundak – meaning « alive (...)
Daybreak films Pty Ltd et Kim Webby - Australie

JPEG - 195.6 ko

IMULAL « une terre, des racines et des rêves »    (Prix NC 1ère décerné par Nouvelle-Calédonie 1ère au meilleur court- métrage du Pacifique)

Nunë Luepack
A land of asylum and exile, New Caledonia is an island group where many communities mingle. Through the voices of young students in France to study, Imulal asks some questions about the idea of a Caledonian identity and looks at how, through the prism of distance, the future citizenship of New Caledonia can be imagined and become a (...)
Sa No Si Production - France

JPEG - 105.5 ko

L’élu du peuple, Pouvanaa, te metua

Marie-Hélène Villierme
This archival film on the destiny of Pouvanaa a Oopa, the « Metua » or spiritual father, illustrates a little know and yet decisive chapter of comtemporary Polynésian history. Many interviews and commentaries shed light upon the context in which the “Metua” came before French colonial justice.
Tuatau Production - Polynésie Française

JPEG - 115.8 ko

Edgard Pisani, C’est beau la politique, vous savez !

Jean-Jacques Rault
Edgard Pisani was unanimously disavowed when he was responsible for the ‘New Caledonia file’. At the age of 93, this former member of the French resistance, who was close to De Gaulle and Mitterrand, becoming a Prefect and then a Minister, speaks to us about the workings of Government and the meaning of the State. He also reveals the hidden side of his appointment and (...)
Mille et Une. Films - France

JPEG - 71 ko

La place

Emeri Tialetagi & Alphonse Kate
In the Vallée du Tir neighbourhood, what life and what future is there for those often called ‘street kids’ ? The 2 film-makers, who come from this working-class district, make their first film from the inside, from behind the hoodie, showing the day-to-day life and view of these youngsters who seem to have been cut adrift and who suddenly seem to have been tipped out of the (...)
Poadane - Nouvelle-Calédonie

JPEG - 110.2 ko

Jean-Marie Djibaou ou le rêve d’indépendance

Mehdi Lallaoui
Between the lifting of the Kanak flag in December 1984 and the funeral procession of independence leader in Noumea in May 1989 are part of the years of struggle, drama, palaver, hopes, which Tjibaou was a major actors. Through his journey, this documentary seeks to unravel the history of this crucial (...)
Arte France, Mémoires vives Productions - France

JPEG - 324.1 ko

Le retour de Marius

Brigitte Whaap
In 1931, the Colonial exposition took place in Paris to glorify the French Empire. A hundred or so Kanaks were recruited from New Caledonia. When they got to Paris, these men and women were stripped of their clothes and forced to act as ‘ferocious cannibals’ for visitors to the Paris Botanical Gardens. Some of them would be hired out to be exhibited in the major German (...)
Mémoires Vives Productions, Ânûû-rû âboro - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

JPEG - 198 ko

Bikpela bagarap - Gros dégâts

David Fedele
Bikpela Bagarap is human and ecological disaster, lived and told by the Papuans : plunder of forest resources by multinational companies, shameless exploitation of men, broken promises and corruption of politicians.
David Fedele - Australie, Grande-Bretagne

JPEG - 235.9 ko

Petites nouvelles de calédonie

En plein coeur du Pacifique, 8 histoires d’hier et d’aujourd’hui : en ville ou en tribu, de Nouméa au Sud jusque Koné au Nord, 8 histoires courtes pour découvrir l’archipel de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, racontées par des cinéastes venus des 4 coins du monde.
Tita productions, Ânûû-rû âboro - France, Kanaky-Nouvelle-Calédonie

JPEG - 266.2 ko

There once was an island    (Prix NC 1ère décerné par Nouvelle-Calédonie 1ère au meilleur court- métrage du Pacifique)

Briar March
This film follows the life of three people in a unique Pacific Island Community as they face the first devastating effects of climate change, including a terrifying flood. Will they decide to stay with their Island home or move to a new and unfamiliar land, leading their culture and language behind forever (...)
On the Level productions - Nouvelle-Zélande

JPEG - 136.6 ko

Liberté, égalité, Kanaky

Martin Butler
This film, never before seen in New Caledonia, was shot during the Troubles, in the midst of the ‘nomadisation’ strategy, by Martin Butler for Australian television. In perfect English, Kiki Karé, young and strikingly handsome, comments with wit, eloquence and irony on the situation in a country in the grip of the French (...)
- Australie

JPEG - 121.8 ko

Wheen haat

Rudy Villepreux
In Hienghène, in the old days, they made outrigger canoes. André, Yannick and Edouard are trying their hardest to revive a tradition of which many regret the passing.
Ânûû-rû-âboro, Ateliers Varan - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

JPEG - 711.3 ko

Pwi a pwa ecowa goro upwara

Maguy Wacalie
From the beach where a piece of wood washes up by his nocturnal workshop, Ceû, a sculptor from Tieti village near Poindimié, helps us understand that wood has a sacred dimension.
Ânûû-rû-âboro, Ateliers Varan - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

JPEG - 202 ko

Les pieds sur terre

Alexis Poayou
Leopold, in his forties, was a road worker. He has come home to his tribal community, old Tuo, to settle down and do a different job. He has started raising chickens in a small way with the help of a local cooperative.
Ânûû-rû Âboro, Ateliers Varan - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

JPEG - 1 Mo

Nie ocemwobe-me ali-hi mee

Antoine Reiss
With the help of some elders, Simon is reviving traditional dance in Bopope, in the heart of the Country. He is preparing his group for a tour to France.
Ânûû-rû Âboro, Ateliers Varan - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

JPEG - 775.9 ko

Josiane & Franciska, deux filles kanak

Marie-Jeanne Dihan
A journey into the universe of Josiane and Franciska, two Kanak girls attending classes at the Rural Family Training Centre in Poindimié.
Ânûû-rû-âboro, Ateliers Varan - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie

JPEG - 120.2 ko

Femme de chef de clan

Colette Watipan
Marguerite is one of the 4 female clan leaders in New Caledonia. Dynamic and deeply involved in the life of her village in old Tuo, she still doesn’t find it easy to gain acceptance for a woman leader.
Ânûû-rû-âboro, Ateliers Varan - Kanaky-Nouvelle-Calédonie

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ANDRE SAID, une mémoire en partage

Menrempon, Sabine Jobert
André Saïd, the son of a man deported from Algeria for a minor offence at the end of the 19th century, was a well-known figure in the township of Vook (Voh),always friendly and helpful with everyone. His whole life long, he was a builder of relationships between the Kanaks or ‘natives’ as he called them, and the communities who came to work there - Europeans, Indonesians, etc. (...)
Ânûû-rû âboro, SOFINOR, Province nord avec le soutien de la mairie de Vook (Voh) - Kanaky-Nouvelle-Calédonie

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A coeur d’enfant

Monique Gouassem Poararheu
Childhood is not always a bed of roses. Paul, disabled, and his parents invited us to their particular daily and filled with good humor.
Ânûû-rû-âboro, Ateliers Varan - Kanaky

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