Ananahi, demain

Director : Cécile Tessier-Gendreau


« Takanini » is a group of Marquesan musicians with a unique style of reggae. They sing in their language, stand up for their culture and promote their values. Their message is somewhat disturbing, yet the evocative power of their music captures the imagination. Torn between tradition and modernity, the members of « Takanini » sing the difficulties of building their identity ; they also seek to raise awareness on the slow acculturation of the people of the Marquesas Islands.

(Sélection pacifique en compétition) Sélection pacifique en compétition

Production : France Télévisions, Polynésie 1ère et Anekdota Productions
  Country : France
  Time : 52 min

  Version : VF
  Year : 2013