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Awards and jury

Jury for the International Competition :

Rufin Mbou Mikima - Producer, director
Siméï Paala - Director of the North Library
Frédérique Cid-Massota - Head of Culture and Communication service of the FOL
Mehdi Lallaoui - Director

Jury for the Pacific Competition :

Célestine Beleouvoudi - Teacher
Sylvie Hmeun - Journalist

Prix :

10 prices are handed out by the festival and its partners.

Grand prize Ânûû-rû Âboro Festival, funded by NCTV : For the International Competition best documentary.
Hôtel Tieti award : Jury special award for the International Competition.
Best Medium-lengh Award for the International Competition
FOL award : For the International Competition best short film.
Bernheim Library award : For the best Pacific length film.
Tjibaou Cultural Center award : For the best Pacific short film.
Cèikî award : Given by par Koniambo Nickel-KNS to the best local film.
NC1 Award : For the best local film Technical Achievement.
For the Youth public award : Given by high school students.
Public award : Given by the festival’s public, funded by les Nouvelles Calédoniennes.