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2016 Awards list

Please find below the list of the award-winning movies.
The organizing team would like to sincerely thank all those who contributed to the success of this 2016 Festival.

See you in 2017 for the 11th edition. Until next year !

Grand Prize of the Ânûû-rû Âboro, festival, funded by NCTV

Under the Sun    (Grand Prix festival Ânûû-rû Âboro)

Vitaly Mansky
This is a film about an ideal life in an ideal country – North Korea. We see a girl in an ideal school, the daughter of ideal parents, working at ideal factories, living in an ideal apartment in the centre of the capital. We can appreciate how much effort the North Korean people have to undertake to make this ideal world (...)
Vertov.Real Cinema, Saxonia Entertainment,
Hypermarket Film, MDR, Czech TV - Russie/Lettonie/Allemagne/République tchèque/Corée du Nord

Hotel Tiéti award, jury special award for the International Competition

Sonita    (Prix spécial du jury pour la compétition internationale Hôtel Tiéti)

Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami
Sonita is a reckless and enthusiastic Afghan teen living in Tehran, who dreams of being a famous rapper. But in Iran, the government doesn’t let girls sing solo. And in her Afghan home, she is expected to become a teenage bride. Armed with nothing but passion and determination, will she turn obstacles into opportunities (...)
TAG/TRAUM, Intermezzo Films, Rokhsareh Ghaem Magham - Iran/Allemagne/Suisse

Award for the best Medium-lenght film

Salamanca    (Prix du meilleur moyen-métrage de la Compétition Internationale)

Aleksandra Kulak, Ruslan Fedotow
In Salamanca, time stopped two hundred years ago, when the first Mennonites came to Mexico in search of their place on Earth. Everything here is predetermined, and lives of the descendants are repeating lives of their ancestors. While the hero of the film recalls his childhood in search of the right answer, days, months and years slowly go (...)

FOL award for the best International short film

Black Sheep    (Prix de la FOL décerné au meilleur court-métrage de la sélection internationale)

Christian Cerami
Black Sheep follows two brothers from the North of England and their adolescent curiosity for the EDL - a right-wing street protest movement against radical Islam in Britain. This observational documentary portrays the working class youth culture in the North and the impact that the EDL has on these impressionable young (...)
Alex Sedgley, Christian Cerami - Royaume-Uni

Bernheim Library award for the best Pacific full length film

The Price of Peace    (Prix de la Bibliothèque Bernheim décerné au meilleur long-métrage de la Compétition Pacifique)

Kim Webby
Accused of terrorism, running a private militia and jailed on gun charges, political activist Tame Iti fights for the right of his tribe Ngai Tuhoe to be a sovereign nation within New Zealand. How high is the price for peace ?
Conbrio Media - Aotearoa Nouvelle-Zélande

Tjibaou Cultural Center award, for the best Pacific short film

Wosera Justice    (Prix du Centre Culturel Tjibaou décerné au meilleur court-métrage de la Compétition Pacifique)

Llane Munau
Wosera Justice focuses on the work of the eponym Centre in Papua New Guinea. The film shares the experiences of violence suffered by two families and demonstrates how the support of the crisis centre staff contributes to make sure justice prevails and reconciliation finds its way.
Centre for Social, Creative Media, University of Goroka - Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

Cèikî award for the best local film

La flûte des guerriers    (Prix Cèikî pour le meilleur film du pays)

Guy Fohringer
Air and Water pollution, impacts on public health and environment... the situation around the planet is most alarming, and New Caledonia is no exception with its nickel industry and the emergence of consumer society. However, there is some hope thanks to those who promote a nature-friendly and healthier (...)
Association Action Biosphère - Nouvelle-Calédonie

NC1ère award for the best local film technical achievement

Échec et Mathadhé    (Prix NC1 décerné à la meilleure réalisation technique du film du pays)

Cristèle Deplanque
Lucky Mathadhé had everything a man could dream of : a wife, children, a job and, as son of the Chief, a status within his tribe... until he decided to move on. With no income, no family and no place to call home, he now lives and breathes for his only passion : chess.
Quinoa, Ânûû-rû Âboro - Nouvelle-Calédonie

Youth public award

Still Breathing    (Prix du jeune public décerné par les lycéens)

Anca Hirte
Karim Chakim is a thirty-eight year old boxer. He is madly in love with his wife and children. When he arrives to step into the ring, possibily for the last time, Karim knows that it is the fight of a lifetime. Will he stand up to the occasion ?
entre2prises - France

Audience award, funded by Les Nouvelles calédoniennes

Something Better to Come    (Prix du public parrainé par les Nouvelles calédoniennes)

Hanna Polak
Yula lives with her mother, her friends and many other people in the Svalka, the largest dumping ground in the world, located not far from Moskow and run by the Russian mafia. While life is tough in the Svalka, beauty and humanity can arise among the most squalid and unpredictable conditions.
Danish Documentary Production, Hanna Polak Films LLC - Pologne/Danemark