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2015 Films

This year, we offer you a wide selection of 58 films showing from the 16th until the 24th of October 2015 at Pwêêdi Wiimîâ (Poindimié) and in a wide range of villages across the three Provinces of New Caledonia.

The International selection and the Pacific selection will take you on a journey through the 5 continents and 38 different countries.

On the occasion of its 9th edition, Ânûû-rû Âboro celebrates the Pacific and its culture with 30 films in competition. A programming which honors the richness and diversity of the regional film production.

We heartily thank our partners and sponsors as well as all the contributing producers, distributors and directors from around the world for their invaluable help and trust.

International Feature Competition

Above and Below   (Grand Prix festival Ânûû-rû Âboro)

From a couple who moved in a drainage tunnel in Las Vegas to an adventurer surviving on his own in the Californian desert and this young woman seriously planning to be among the first crew to colonise Mars, none of these characters fit into the world as we know it... but all of them are citizens of the United States of America, a place that can be regarded as apocalyptic (...)
Nicolas Steiner (Maximage, Flying Moon)

2015 - Suisse / Allemagne - 118 min - VOST/Fr

All Things Ablaze

Ukraine, winter 2013 – 2014. What does People’s revolution look like when you observe it from the inside? What happens when the demand for freedom escalates into civil war and politics rule the game? This account of the Ukrainian revolution will take you across political divides to examine the core of a complex and violent (...)
Oleksandr Techynskyi, Aleksey Solodunov and Dmitry Stoykov (Honest Fish Documentary Stories)

2014 - Ukraine - 82 min - VOST/Fr

Baladna Alraheeb

At a time when Syria is on the edge of the abyss, this road movie takes you on a perilous journey across the country with Yassin al-Haj Saleh, a distinguished revolution theorist who was imprisoned for sixteen years, and Ziad Homsi, a young militant-photographer.
Mohammad Ali Atassi and Ziad Homsi (Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts)

2014 - Syrie/Liban - 85 min - VOST/Fr

Elephant’s Dream

"Elephant’s Dream" depicts three State-owned institutions and their workers in DR Congo. The interwoven stories of a female clerk in the dilapidated central post office, colleagues at the railway station and a group of fire-fighters in the only fire station provide insight into their daily lives and reveal what survival is about in the third largest city of Africa, (...)
Kristof Bilsen (Associate Directors, Bram Crols & Mark Daems)

2014 - Belgique/Royaume-Uni - 74 min - VF, VOST/Fr

Hotel Nueva Isla   (Prix spécial du jury pour la compétition internationale Hôtel Tiéti)

In a rundown part of old Havana, what was at the turn of the century the luxurious Hotel Nueva Isla has become the refuge of a group of people living on the margins of society. Life inside the ruins is becoming more and more dangerous, Jorge refuses to leave the building: he remains convinced that treasures, hidden by the hotel’s original owners, lie waiting within its (...)
Irene Gutiérrez and Javier Labrador (El Viage Films, Produciones de la 5TA. Avenida)

2014 - Cuba/Espagne - 71 min - VOST/Fr


Ícaros explores the spiritual universe of the Shipibo indigenous people who live by the river Ucayali, one of the main affluents to the Peruvian Amazon. Young Mokan Rono sets outs on a journey to reconnect with the ancient knowledge of Ayahuasca, mentored by Sene Nita, a respected shaman and his mother, a traditional (...)
Georgina Barreiro (Georgina Barreiro )

2014 - Argentine - 71 min - VOST/Fr

In the Underground

On the Chinese mine of Sunzhuang, safety instructions learnt by heart and recited before heading down into the pit do not protect workers from explosions, silicosis and potential collapses. On the ground, a miserable domestic life illustrates the dramatic impact of these high risk, working conditions on (...)
Song Zhantao (Song Zhantao )

2014 - Chine - 90 min - VOST/Fr

Lejos de la orilla

Mariama, Amadou, Abdoulaye and Rahisy share a goal they attempt to tackle by all means and they are so determined that they bounce back whenever life brings them to their knees. “Lejos de la orilla” is a documentary that reflects on the heroic and anonymous journey some people have to undertake to pursue their (...)
Javier Sanz (Films de l'Orient)

2015 - Espagne - 60 min - VOST/Fr

Of the North

Reaching out to the Inuit people through amateur films posted on YouTube.
Dominic Gagnon (Film 900)

2015 - Canada - 74 min - VOST/Fr

The Storm Makers : ceux qui amènent la tempête

A young Cambodian peasant girl, Aya was enslaved at the age of sixteen and sold as a maid in Malaysia, where she was harnessed for two years without receiving any salary. As she returns to her home village just as poor as when she was abducted, with her child as a result of a rape, she is despised by her mother and about everyone in the (...)
Guillaume Suon (Production, Tipasa Production)

2014 - France/Cambodge - 66 min - VOST/Fr

Tomorrow We Disappear

Delhi´s most fascinating community, the Kathputli Colony, is home to over three thousand artists, magicians, acrobats, puppeteers and their families. When their neighbourhood was sold to real-estate developers, these street artists were left with no choice but to overcome manipulation and division and find a way to struggle together for their (...)
Jimmy Goldblum and Adam Weber (Old Friend)

2014 - Inde/États-Unis - 84 min - VOST/Fr

Toto si surorile lui (Toto et ses sœurs)   (Prix spécial du jury pour la compétition internationale Hôtel Tiéti)

Alexander Nanau brings us the astonishing family story of Toto (ten), and his sisters, Ana (seventeen) and Andrea (fifteen). As his mother was serving her time behind bars, Toto became passionate about learning to read, write and dance with a little help from his sisters who tried their best to preserve a good family balance in a world that had long forgotten what (...)
Alexander Nanau (Strada Film, HBO Europe, Alexander Nanau Productions)

2014 - Roumanie - 93 min - VOST/Fr

Um Ghayeb

In a forgotten corner of Egypt lives Hanan, a woman who is yearning for a child. Having no other option but to live on the fringe of her community because of her infertility, Hanan lingers between a dream that is slowly slipping away and her struggle to find a place where she could settle.
Nadine Salib (Hassala Films)

2014 - Égypte/Émirats arabes unis - 92 min - VOST/Fr

International Feature Film Selection

Au crépuscule d’une vie

When the doctor told Sylvain that his mother, in her nineties, was not expected to live much longer, Sylvain started to visit her everyday. Against all odds, the venerable lady “decided” to hang around for a while…
Sylvain Biegeleisen (Zen Production Ltd, Take Five)

2015 - Belgique/Israël - 71 min - VF

C’est ma vie qui me regarde

Eighty-eight-year-old Alice has been living alone since her husband died three months ago. Her neighbour, whom she asked help from so that she can stay home, comes for a filmed portrait. They both engage in a surprising conversation with a lot of memory lapses and indulgence moments.
Damien Fritsch (Ana films)

2015 - France - 102 min - VF

Ik ben Alice

Alice is a “care bot”, a robot designed to take care of people, in this case exclusively elders. A university research group tries to find out how Alice should talk and react to stem the effects of loneliness on elderly women. For several weeks, Alice pays regular visit to three women who volunteered to take part in an experiment, which could become fairly mundane in a (...)
Sander Burger (Keydocs)

2014 - Pays-Bas - 76 min - VOST/Fr

Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow and All Music Has Disappeared

What would happen if one day all music simply disappeared from the planet? Would it be possible to bring it back? Stefan Schwietert follows controversial musician Bill Drummond as he engages with different people asking them to sing or hum a tune that does not exist yet. Schwietert delivers a strong advocacy for musical creation and a true conspiracy against marketing (...)
Stefan Schwietert (Maximage, Flying Moon, SRF, WDR)

2015 - Suisse/Allemagne - 86 min - VOST/Fr

My Love, Don’t Cross That River

Jo Byeongman is ninety-eight-year old, his wife Kang Gyeyeol is eighty-nine and their extended family includes thirty-five children, grandchildren and great-grand children. Kang was only fourteen when they met and ever since, not a day has passed without them falling asleep hand in hand each (...)
Moyoung Jin (Kyungsoo Han, Argus Film)

2014 - Corée du Sud - 86 min - VOST/Fr

Un homme pour ma famille

My father died eight years ago but he still haunts my nights. He regularly delivers messages to me, some of which I can decipher. I found out he was concerned that his family split up because of a piece of land he sold before he died. For his soul to rest in peace, the Peul tradition requires that I organise a cow (...)
Thierno Souleymane Diallo (JPL Productions, Lyon Capitale TV, Le Grenier des Ombres)

2015 - France - 58 min - VF

Une jeunesse allemande

Using archives footage, the film portrays the first generation of the Red Army Faction (RAF) and its central figures, namely Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof. They firmly believed in the power of images and started their activism through artistic activities and the media, but in view of the failure of their strategy, they soon radicalised and pursued armed (...)
Jean-Gabriel Périot (Local Films)

2015 - France/Suisse/Allemagne - 93 min - VF, VOST/Fr


Déwé Gorodé, écrire le pays

In this focus filmed shortly before he died, Nidoish Naisseline, one of the customary chiefs of Mare, in the Loyalty Islands, shares his perspective on the evolution of the kanak society, while embracing his fifty-year long political career, which started on the Paris barricades in May (...)
Deborah Walker and Neil Morrison (Dragonfish)

2015 - Nouvelle-Zélande - 52 min - VF, VOST/Fr