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2014 Awards list

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Abu Haraz    (Grand Prix festival Ânûû-rû Âboro)

For centuries, inhabitants of Abu Haraz, a small village in the desert area of North Sudan, have lived in harmony with the Nile and its floodings. When they learnt of a project to build a gigantic dam, people realised that their stern, albeit joyful world might soon come to an end. Unfortunately, their attempts to turn back fate had no impact and their village was flooded (...)
Drygas Production


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Farewell to Hollywood    (Prix spécial du jury pour la compétition internationale Hôtel Tiéti)

The dream of directing a film created a strong relationship between seventeen-year-old Regina Nicholson, in the final stage of a terminal illness and fifty-year-old filmmaker Henry Corra. The film questions ethical boundaries in filmmaking and results in a rich and complex documentary that is extremely disturbing and irresistibly moving at the same (...)
Corra Films


The Stone River    (Prix spécial du jury pour la compétition internationale Hôtel Tiéti)

At the beginning of the twentieth century, large numbers of marble quarrymen from Carrara in Italy crossed the Atlantic to work in the granite quarries of Barre, Vermont. In the 1930s, when the industry was already in decline and many quarrymen had succumbed to the occupational lung disease of silicosis, dozens of interviews with Barre’s inhabitants were transcribed by (...)
Les Films du Poisson


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La larme du bourreau    (Prix de la FOL décerné au meilleur court-métrage de la sélection internationale)

As Egypt’s official executioner, Ashmawi is convinced of being God’s hand on earth. While he is a meticulous and skilled legal murderer, sentenced persons share their pain and their nerve-wrecking conditions on death row.
OROK Films


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De la terre et des hommes    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

In 2013, WWF in New Caledonia, in partnership with ADEME (a public body promoting sustainable development) and the Northern Province launched a program to raise awareness on domestic composting, mulching and natural fertilization techniques. One hundred participants from the tribe of Gööpä expressed interest in learning these simple and eco-friendly (...)
WWF France


Le dernier bac    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

There has never been a bridge spanning the Ouaième River. The only way to cross and reach the other bank is to take a ferry. This survival of the old days is highly symbolic as it is the last one of its kind in New Caledonia.
Jean-Louis Devillers


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Le silence des anciens    (Prix NC 1ère décerné par Nouvelle-Calédonie 1ère au meilleur court- métrage du Pacifique)

Following unique life courses, this documentary recounts the settlement of the ever low-profile Indonesian community in New Caledonia.
Association Poadane


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Les horizons chimériques    (Prix du Meilleur long-métrage du Pacifique décerné par Ânûû-rû Âboro)

Bruno, Jean-François, David and some others left France a good while ago, sacrificing to the myths of sun-drenched islands, pristine lagoon waters and lush forests. Once there, they were quickly disillusioned : seeking a job and trying to integrate in small communities proved more challenging than they thought, and this documentary found them today uprooted and (...)
aaa production


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Häätanssi    (Prix du jeune public décerné par les lycéens)

Twenty-two year old Hind from Morocco has had not official status since she was raped when she was fourteen ; she was subsequently kicked out from her family home and left with no other choice than engaging in prostitution. Despite the odds of her situation, she has refused to give up her dream of dignity, motherhood and love and has been trying to make ends meet by (...)
Illume Ltd


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Les Hustlers    (Prix du public parrainé par les Nouvelles calédoniennes)

Ekoué, Léon, Blacky and Zorro live in Lomé, in a slum known as “Katanga“, a place where the local fishermen hang around. Always looking for a deal to strike or a bargain, they spend most of their time together. Known to the other residents of Katanga as the “Hustlers“, they are always ready to take whatever job they are offered, be it legal or (...)
La maison du directeur et Merveilles Production