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2013 Awards list

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Documentarian    (Grand Prix festival Ânûû-rû Âboro)

A filmmaker intruded upon the reclusive life of Inta, a woman who lived alone on the edge of a picturesque swamp. He thought that Inta would make an extraordinary film character, but rather than being filmed, the "untamed" woman preferred to cast a spell on this unwelcome intruder. The determination of the filmmaker eventually softens Inta’s heart... only to break it (...)
VFS Films


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Dell’Arte della Guerra    (Prix spécial du jury pour la compétition internationale Hôtel Tiéti)

On August 2009, in Milan, four workers from INNSE climbed a 20-metre high gantry crane and threatened to throw themselves down to protest against the dismantling and the closure of the last factory in town. Surrounded by dozens of policemen and supporters from all over Italy and Europe, the four workers resisted for eight days in a cramped space in temperatures close to (...)
Indie Air Films et Kino Produzioni


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Cha Fang    (Prix de la FOL décerné au meilleur court-métrage de la sélection internationale)

« On 24 July 2012, I went to a city to support three human right activists. We quickly found out that we were tailed. Around midnight, a group of policemen arrived to conduct a thorough inspection of our hotel room. »
Fanhall Films


Arekara    (Prix de la FOL décerné au meilleur court-métrage de la sélection internationale)

« Last February, I went to Ishinomaki, a town North of Tokyo which was partially destroyed by the tsunami of 11 March 2011, to meet the victims who now live in temporary housing. I spent several days there, listening to people talking candidly about what they had lived through, telling their own stories with no media as an intermediary. Their account were terrifying, but at (...)
Ecce Films


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La Roche grise    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

There was an old building in Yaouhé, South of Noumea, which people used to call "the Grey Rock". But for young director Michelle, it was much more than a house in decay soon to be pulled down : it was the "castle" where she used to play as a kid…
Association Poadane


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Jeunes filles du quartier    (Prix NC 1ère décerné par Nouvelle-Calédonie 1ère au meilleur court- métrage du Pacifique)

Anaïs, sixteen, and Sophie, twenty, found themselves at a crossroads in their life : having already left school, should they consider further training, looking for a job or raising children… A group of mothers living nearby provided some counseling and helped them by sharing their own experience.
Association Poadane


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Canning Paradise    (Prix du Meilleur long-métrage du Pacifique décerné par Ânûû-rû Âboro)

Canning Paradise is a feature-length documentary about one of the world’s most prized resources, and those who pay for it. Decades of overfishing by the global tuna industry have now pushed the final frontiers to the waters of Papua New Guinea. Fifty years ago, the world was fishing out 400 000 tons of tuna. Today this number is approximately 4 million. This film follows (...)
Fourth World Film

Australie / Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

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In the Shadow of the Sun    (Prix du jeune public décerné par les lycéens)

Director Harry Freeland accompanied albino activist Josephat Torner on his awareness campaign across Tanzania to try to put an end to superstitious beliefs spouted by witchdoctors about albinos. Filmed over six years, In the Shadow of the Sun leaves little hope for short term improvement but it celebrates courage and tolerance and it will not leave you (...)

Tanzanie, Angleterre