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2013 Films

Please find below attached the 50 films which will be presented at the Ânûû-rû Âboro Film Festival to be held in Pwêêdi Wiimîa (Poindimié) and in various places across the 3 Provinces from 18 to 26 October.
The international selection for the official competition includes 16 features from the 5 continents and 7 short productions for the short films contest.
We are proud to announce that "Hamdan" directed by Argentina’s Martin Sola and produced by Ânûû-rû Âboro will be premiered on this occasion. The film has been selected in the official competition for the international Cinema Festival in Nyon, Visions du Réel ( Switzerland), the Festival dei Popoli in Florence (Italy) and the DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival in South Korea.
In 2013, there will be a particular focus on music with 7 international documentaries dealing with a wide range of music genres.
In the so-called "Section of the Pacific and our country", there will be 7 features and 9 shorts in the international contest and 2 films as part of the "Off-Festival" dealing with our recent history.

We wish to thank profusely all our partners and sponsors as well as the producers, distributors and directors who sent us their films, which truly embody the strength and quality of documentary productions.

International Feature Competition


The 2011 presidential election in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was only the second free election since the country gained its independence in 1960. Gaylor, a penniless pastor (like most of Kinshasa’s nine million inhabitants) turned into an "atalaku", a town crier, following a deal with the most generous of the candidates, ensuring visibility on the street and (...)
Dieudo Hamadi (Mutotu Productions et Walter Films)

2013 - Congo Kinshasa (RDC) - 60 minutes - VOST/fr


Four silhouettes wandered around in Cuba in search of their destiny. Victims of an ideology on its way out, these individuals fought for survival, sometimes flirting with illegality. Cantos took a poetic look at a drifting society, far away from its long-vanished utopias.
Charlie Petersmann (Intermezzo Films)

2013 - Suisse - 74 minutes - VOST/fr

Dell’Arte della Guerra   (Prix spécial du jury pour la compétition internationale Hôtel Tiéti)

On August 2009, in Milan, four workers from INNSE climbed a 20-metre high gantry crane and threatened to throw themselves down to protest against the dismantling and the closure of the last factory in town. Surrounded by dozens of policemen and supporters from all over Italy and Europe, the four workers resisted for eight days in a cramped space in temperatures close to (...)
Silvia Luzi & Luca Bellino (Indie Air Films et Kino Produzioni)

2012 - Italie - 85 minutes - VOST/fr

Documentarian   (Grand Prix festival Ânûû-rû Âboro)

A filmmaker intruded upon the reclusive life of Inta, a woman who lived alone on the edge of a picturesque swamp. He thought that Inta would make an extraordinary film character, but rather than being filmed, the "untamed" woman preferred to cast a spell on this unwelcome intruder. The determination of the filmmaker eventually softens Inta’s heart... only to break it (...)
Ivars Zviedris & Inese Klava (VFS Films)

2012 - Lettonie - 82 minutes - VOSTF

El Etnographo

Ulises Rossell took his camera to the Indian community of Wichi, which settled not long ago in the province of Chaco, Argentina, with an American ethnologist as a guide. To some degree a repentant ethnologist, John Palmer married a native Indian and established a large family rather than completing his PhD. He chose to become part of this remote and deprived community (...)
Ulises Rosell (Pablo Rey)

2012 - Argentine - 85 minutes - VOSTF

Hiver Nomade

As traditional shepherds, Pascal, fifty-three, and Carole, twenty-eight, embarked in November 2010 on a four-month winter migration spanning 600 km across the Swiss- French region. Accompanied by three donkeys, four dogs and eight hundred sheep, they walked through a rural area which had undergone profound changes, and their odyssey turned into an eventful journey with (...)
Manuel Von Sturler (Louise Productions)

2012 - Suisse - 90 minutes - Version française

In the Shadow of the Sun   (Prix du jeune public décerné par les lycéens)

Director Harry Freeland accompanied albino activist Josephat Torner on his awareness campaign across Tanzania to try to put an end to superstitious beliefs spouted by witchdoctors about albinos. Filmed over six years, In the Shadow of the Sun leaves little hope for short term improvement but it celebrates courage and tolerance and it will not leave you (...)
Harry Freeland (Dogwoof)

2012 - Tanzanie, Angleterre - 85 minutes - VOSTF

La clé de la chambre à lessive

Dans l’immeuble du 85 rue de Genève à Lausanne, la clé de la chambre à lessive est bien plus qu’une simple clé servant à ouvrir la porte d’une buanderie collective. La rencontre entre ce symbole d’une mentalité respectueuse de l’ordre helvétique et les locataires placés dans les appartements de secours par le service social de la ville ne va pas de soi. Traditionnellement située dans (...)
Floriane Devigne & Frédéric Florey (Alina Film et L’oeil Sauvage)

2013 - Suisse, France - 72 minutes - Version française

Matthew’s Laws

Matthew is partially autistic, desperately trying to sort out the chaos around him. Home is his world, the only place where he can find peace and stability, and when he has to relate with the outside world, explosive confrontations often happen. As a childhood friend, director Marc Schmidt filmed him from a point of view that expressed both distance and complicity, (...)
Marc Schmidt (Basalt Film)

2012 - Pays-Bas - 72 minutes - VOSTF

Per Ulisse

Outcasts of Italian society gathered in this open centre after having experienced drugs, prison and homelessness. They talked about their existence, sang and lived a simple life, demonstrating that there was still hope for humanity. This is a film with a vision, with a nod to Italian masters such as Pasolini and Bellocchio ; a sad yet vibrant work that mourns a certain (...)
Giovanni Cioni (Teatri Uniti and Zeugma Films)

2013 - France, Italie - 90 minutes - VOSTF

Ranandeh va Roobah

Mahmood Kiani Falavarjani was an Iranian truck driver and filmmaker whose experimental animal films had been screened at international film festivals. Mahmood had developed an obsession : taming a fox and filming a love story with donkeys. The result was an amazing, touching and funny story of an artist who tried to overcome his bipolar disorder using his own (...)
Arash Lahooti (Documentary & Experimental Film Center)

2012 - Iran - 78 minutes - VOSTF

Terra de Ninguém

Paulo de Figueiredo worked as a mercenary and lived on the fringes of two worlds : power and revolutions. Structured as a non-linear conversation between the filmmaker and his subject, the film took place in a « no man’s land, » a place outside of the comfort zone of both the director and her subject. While Paulo talked about anonymous locations and facts, fragments of (...)
Salomé Lamas (O Som e a Furia)

2012 - Portugal - 72 minutes - VOSTF

The Act of Killing

When Joshua Oppenheimer went to Indonesia to produce a documentary on the Death Squads who tortured and killed over a million communists in the mid-60s, he did not expect that the survivors would be too scared to talk. On the other hand, former executioners, who were still protected by a corrupt administration, easily shared their memories and even proposed to replay the (...)
Joshua Oppenheimer, Christine Cynn and Anonymous (Final Cut For Real)

2012 - Denmark, Norway and United States - 159 minutes - VOSTF

The Ambassador

Danish journalist Mads Brügger went undercover as a European Ambassador to the Central African Republic and embarked on a dangerous yet hysterical journey to uncover the diamond trade and reveal the ins and outs of a corrupt political system.
Mads Brügger (Zentropa)

2011 - Danemark - 93 minutes - VOSTF

The Captain and his Pirate

In 2009, when the MV « Hansa Stavanger » was seized by Somali pirates for four months, international media did not report on a fascinating aspect of this front page story : the friendship that developed between chief pirate, Ahado, and captain Krysztof Kotiuk. Waiting for rescue which was slow to take shape, the captain established a relationship with his enemies in a (...)
Andy Wolff (Brockhaus et Wolff GbR)

2012 - Allemagne - 83 minutes - VOSTF

Un été avec Anton

Twelve-year-old Anton lived with his Grandma in a little home outside Moscow. He spent his summer time with his friends and his babouchka, who was always happy to play with him. Unfortunately, like most of the Russian children, Anton had to join an army camp where he found himself in uniform, holding a (...)
Jasna Krajinovic (Dérives (Jean-Pierre et Luc Dardenne))

2012 - Russie - 61 minutes - VOSTF



Hamdan is a former Palestinian leader who was detained in the old Israeli prisons for 15 years. In 1973, whilst living in Syria, he received the mission of transporting explosives over the border and training someone he could trust. The man he chose was Omar, a neighbour from his village. The investigation led to Hamdan, who was imprisoned. Via his memories the film (...)
Martin Sola (Ânûû-rû Âboro)

2013 - Argentine/ Nouvelle-Calédonie - 75 minutes - VOST/fr

International Musical Film Selection


Son rêve de devenir une grande artiste reggae en Jamaïque était en passe de devenir réalité : après s’être battue pour affirmer son talent depuis l’âge de ses dix-sept ans, et au moment où son succès commençait à s’affirmer, un accident de la route met fin à sa carrière, alors qu’elle était en chemin pour se produire sur scène à Spanish (...)
Andreas Rosforth ()

2008 - Danemark - 54 minutes - VOST/fr


Voilà un documentaire réjouissant sur l’art de la musique jouée avec des feuilles d’arbres. Un film plein de grâce qui va vous entraîner dans un univers peuplé de personnages insolites : il y a Vera, l’ancienne détective privée, Pera, le paysan expert et Josip, l’inventeur d’instruments qui tente d’élucider le mystère de la feuille parfaite. Dans un temps suspendu, ou plutôt hors du (...)
Mladen Kovacevic (Horopter Film Production et Helmi Film Oy)

2013 - Serbie, Finlande - 52 minutes - VOST/fr

Kinshasa Symphonie

Kinshasa Symphonie accompagne des hommes et des femmes qui, dans l’une des métropoles les plus chaotiques au monde, s´attèlent à mettre en oeuvre un système d’une rare complexité au plan de vie commune : un orchestre symphonique. Ce film fait le portrait du Congo d’aujourd’hui, des habitants de Kinshasa et de leur amour pour la (...)
Martin Baer & Claus Wischmann (Sounding Images)

2010 - Allemagne, - 98 minutes - VF

Le syndrome punk

Le plus célèbre groupe punk finlandais s’appelle Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät et rassemble quatre individus souffrant de troubles mentaux. De répétitions improvisées en concerts, Jukka Kärkkäinen et J-P Passi filment l’intimité de ces musiciens qui hurlent leur mal de vivre tout en étant parfaitement intégrés à la société finlandaise, comme une ’jam session’ de bruit et de fureur, aux (...)
Jukka Kärkkïnen (Mouka Filmi Oy)

2012 - Finlande - 85 minutes - VOST/fr

Le premier rasta

Au début du siècle dernier, le tout jeune Leonard Percival Howell (1893 - 1981) quitte la Jamaïque, se fait marin et parcourt le monde. Il y revient en 1939 pour fonder la première communauté rasta, le Pinnacle. Trente ans après la mort de Bob Marley, il est grand temps de rendre hommage à Howell, le premier rasta dont le discours révolutionnaire, politique et social fait écho aux (...)
Hélène Lee (Kidam)

2010 - France - 83 minutes - VF

Sugar Man

Au début des années 70, Sixto Rodriguez enregistre deux albums sur un label de Motown. C’est un tel échec qu’on raconte qu’il se serait suicidé sur scène et plus personne n’entend parler de Rodriguez. Mais en Afrique du Sud, sans qu’il le sache, son disque est devenu un symbole de la lutte contre l’Apartheid. Dans les années 90, deux fans du Cap partent à la recherche de "Sugar Man" (...)
Malik Bendjelloul (Simon Chinn, Malik Bendjelloul)

2012 - Suède, Royaume-Uni - 86 minutes - VOST/fr

Un voyage musical avec Gilberto Gil

Dans un « road movie » musical exceptionnel, Gilberto Gil se rend dans les territoires aborigènes d’Australie puis dans les townships d’Afrique du Sud avant de terminer son périple au coeur de l’Amazonie brésilienne. L’ancien ministre de la culture brésilien dévoile à cette occasion sa vision d’un futur pluriel et interconnecté, riche d’espoirs, d’échanges… et bien sûr de musique (...)
Pierre-Yves Borgeaud (Dreampixies et Urban Factory)

2013 - France - 95 minutes - VOST/fr

International Short Film Competition

Arekara    (Prix de la FOL décerné au meilleur court-métrage de la sélection internationale)

« Last February, I went to Ishinomaki, a town North of Tokyo which was partially destroyed by the tsunami of 11 March 2011, to meet the victims who now live in temporary housing. I spent several days there, listening to people talking candidly about what they had lived through, telling their own stories with no media as an intermediary. Their account were terrifying, but at (...)
Momoko Seto (Ecce Films)

2013 - Japan - 16 minutes - VOSTF

Cha Fang    (Prix de la FOL décerné au meilleur court-métrage de la sélection internationale)

« On 24 July 2012, I went to a city to support three human right activists. We quickly found out that we were tailed. Around midnight, a group of policemen arrived to conduct a thorough inspection of our hotel room. »
Zhu Rikun (Fanhall Films)

2013 - China - 20 minutes - VOSTF

La crociera delle bucce di banana

Aimée was an elderly French woman who lived on Stromboli, an island in the Aeolian archipelago off the north-east coast of Sicily. For years she had been struggling against the local administration to promote appropriate waste management. The goodwill of citizens such as Aimée could allow waste sorting and home composting, but politicians preferred not to address the waste (...)
Salvo Manzone (Epinoia)

2012 - Italie, France - 27 minutes - VOSTF

Machine Man

Machine Man reflects on modernity and global development, involving men as much as machines, particularly questioning the use of human physical force to undertake work in the 21st century. The film takes place in Dakha, the capital city of Bangladesh, where « machine men » perform a wide range of physical works, turning million of people into the driving force of the (...)
Roser Corella et Alfonso Moral (Roser Corella)

2011 - Espagne - 15 minutes - VOSTF

Reality 2.0

Viva Mexico ! The unadulterated fiesta of drugs in Mexico led to a wave of violence similar to bullfighting and this documentary reflects on violence associated with drug trafficking in a country where human body parts roll down the streets. Using animation, the film aims at depicting an authentic representation of the ruthless practices of drug lords in one of the world’s (...)
Victor Orozco Ramirez (Victor Orozco Ramirez)

2012 - Allemagne / Mexique - 11 minutes - VOSTF


There was a place in Honduras where rituals and prayers punctuated the time that elapsed. An elderly woman walked barefoot in the mountain, a man died accompanied by an angel, spirits were the voices of the ancestors. Welcome to this small indigenous community that would prefer to take care of the Earth than sell (...)
Yukai Ebisuno & Raffaella Mantegazza (Yukai Ebisuno & Raffaella Mantegazza)

2012 - Honduras / Italie - 24 minutes - VOSTF

Vakha & Magomed

Vakha took care of little Magomed every minute of the day. They were both Chechen refugees who had found asylum in Warsaw and every gesture, every glance they exchanged suggested that they were bound by a strong tie. We could easily imagine that they share a tragic past, but the film focuses entirely on the present : a present made of peace, of a few daily certainties and (...)
Marta Prus (Polish National Film et School in Lodz)

2011 - Pologne - 12 minutes - VOSTF


This was quite a unique place, warm even in the middle of winter. Men and women were half-dressed yet they were not cold. Their movements were perfect : fast and fluid like a dance. The continuous humming of machinery sounded like music. People working in this factory in Smolevichi, not far from Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, produced felt boots that were sold all (...)
Victor Asliuk (RUE «Belarusian Video Center»)

2012 - Biélorussie, - 17 minutes - VOSTF

Pacific Feature Competition

Aito - Les guerriers du Pacifique

About three thousand years ago, proud navigators sailed from Southeast Asia in large, oceangoing canoes. They traveled thousands of miles, only guided by the motion of specific stars, and eventually discovered a group of islands now known as French Polynesia. Only the brave survived this incredible journey ; according to a wide-spread legend, they were as strong as the (...)
Sébastien Joly (Showkhi production)

2013 - France - 90 minutes - Version française

Aux enfants de la bombe

To the children of the bomb reflects on nuclear tests which took place on Moruroa and Fangataufa, French Polynesia, as put into perspective by Bernard Ista, an engineer from the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). Ista filmed the tests and kept a priceless chronological journal from 1960 to 1995. He died of cancer in (...)
Christine Bonnet & Jean-Philippe Desbordes (Mano a mano / Polynésie 1ère / Archipel production)

2012 - Polynésie française - 52 minutes - VOSTF

Canning Paradise    (Prix du Meilleur long-métrage du Pacifique décerné par Ânûû-rû Âboro)

Canning Paradise is a feature-length documentary about one of the world’s most prized resources, and those who pay for it. Decades of overfishing by the global tuna industry have now pushed the final frontiers to the waters of Papua New Guinea. Fifty years ago, the world was fishing out 400 000 tons of tuna. Today this number is approximately 4 million. This film follows (...)
Olivier Pollet (Fourth World Film)

2012 - Australie / Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée - 90 minutes - VOSTF


How to preserve traditional culture is the key question raised by the elders in Tiabet, a community part of the village of Poum. The tentative answer is a chiefdoms’ fair called "Hiiyac" where the elders are able to contribute to the passing down of knowledge and expertise to the children.
Brigitte Whaap (association Poum animation)

2012 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 35 minutes - Version française

Le Mariage du Chef

Galue, Walölö and Waïmo prepare for the wedding of their Grand Chief. We are in the district of Gaica, one of the three subdivisions that make up the island of Drehu (Lifou, Loyalty Islands). Major preparations are underway for this marriage, as this rare ceremony will be an opportunity to reveal some sacred places and share many stories. Come and be part of this unique (...)
Marguerite Wacalie (Ânûû-rû Âboro)

2013 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 60 minutes - VOSTF

Lon Marum : People of the Volcano

Lon Marum : People of the Volcano tells the story of one of the most active volcanoes in the world, shared by the people who have had the longest relationship with it. The film engages with the complex reality that shapes when custodians of local knowledge are placed in direct contact with visiting scientists. Voices shift from local scholars attempting to stem the erosion (...)
Filip Tavelu & Soraya Hosni (AFD & Further Arts)

2012 - Vanuatu - 48 minutes - VOSTF

Une justice entre deux mondes

This documentary follows professional magistrates involved in a unique jurisdiction, half way between justice as delivered by the French Law and traditional Kanak Law : structured as a road movie, it takes you to customary hearings in Noumea as well as itinerant hearings in remote Kanak tribes, including on the little island of Belep, off the Northern tip of New Caledonia. (...)
Eric Beauducel (EKLA Production)

2013 - France - 52 minutes - Version française

Pacific Short Film Competition

Ceci n’est plus un fromage

Uprooted from metropolitan France when his parents relocated in New Caledonia, Jimmy returned to his home land as an adult with a view to get a sense of what his family background was. Having grown up with all family ties severed, he is left with a creative option : testing cheese produced in the different regions which register on the multiple branches of his family (...)
Jimmy Janet (Cinédoc Production)

2012 - France - 18 minutes - Version française

Jeunes filles du quartier    (Prix NC 1ère décerné par Nouvelle-Calédonie 1ère au meilleur court- métrage du Pacifique)

Anaïs, sixteen, and Sophie, twenty, found themselves at a crossroads in their life : having already left school, should they consider further training, looking for a job or raising children… A group of mothers living nearby provided some counseling and helped them by sharing their own experience.
Bénédicta Cidopua (Association Poadane)

2012 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 15 minutes - Version française

La Roche grise    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

There was an old building in Yaouhé, South of Noumea, which people used to call "the Grey Rock". But for young director Michelle, it was much more than a house in decay soon to be pulled down : it was the "castle" where she used to play as a kid…
Michelle Noel (Association Poadane)

2012 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 12 minutes - Version française

Les pieds-racines

« Children of this Land » is an NGO launched on Internet to address challenges and pitfalls experienced by some students. Reïva is the founder of this association : she works hard to achieve her project, an Oceanian-style, university campus.
Gaëlle Garcia (Association Poadane)

2012 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 14 minutes - Version française

Let Us Persevere in What We have Resolved before We Forget

Here we are on the island of Tanna, South of Vanuatu. Strange rites are performed like the raising of an incongruous flag, a ceremony part of the so called "Cargo cult". This prevaricated re-appropriation of Western forces by those ethnic tribes convinced of their magical powers takes place in the heart of an indifferent and luxuriant nature. Yet do not expect analysis or (...)
Ben Russell (Rouge International)

2013 - États-Unis, France - 20 minutes - VOSTF

L’artisanat de Malia

Malia comes from the little island of Futuna, off Fiji : she loves to share her traditional know how and she holds regular workshops in youth centres on sewing and bark cloth production.
Yvette Bouquet (Association Poadane)

2012 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 11 minutes - Version française

L’éducation spirituelle de ma mère

« What are the driving forces behind my mother’s spiritual commitment ? To try to find out, I decided to produce her portrait. »
Alphonse Kate (Association Poadane)

2012 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 12 minutes - Version française

Rouge et verte : c’est ma terre

Red is my soil in Yaté where we grow traditional tubers. Green is our nickel and the smelter under construction. This industrial facility has raised concern among the population, who still questions the future impact of this project on environment.
Suzanne Kourevi (Association Poadane)

2012 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 9 minutes - Version française


Mrs Joubert nee Devillers is a hard-working farmer and innovative businesswoman. Her strength, humility and generosity compel to refine the clichés about the "Caldoche" or, to be less derogatory, the people of "Caledonian extraction".
Loudja (Association Poadane)

2012 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 22 minutes - Version française


Further to the Matignon Accords

Activists, political leaders, mayors of New Caledonia, students, journalists, historians, ethnologists and citizens told of what they saw, heard and felt over the two years following the Matignon-Oudinot Accords signed off in 1988.
Bernard Baissat (Bernard Baissat)

2008 - France, Nouvelle-Calédonie - 57 minutes - Version française

Iora, the « Stone » of the Pacific

For one hundred and fifty years, New Caledonia has been subjected to tensions and sporadic unrest. In 1984, pro-independence supporters called for an "active" boycott of the elections : it marked the beginning of a period of turmoil which was conclusive for recognizing the identity of this French Territory known as "the (...)
Michel Bongiovanni ()

1985 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 57 minutes - Version française