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2012 Films

International Feature Competition


BAD WEATHER tells the story of Banishanta Island. It is made up of a community of sex workers. Living on a tiny sliver of land 100 meters long and only ten meters wide in the Bay of Bengal, south Bangladesh, this community survives at the frontline of climate change. The rising river, soil erosion and frequent cyclones are slowly destroying what is left of the island. (...)
Giovanni Giommi (ma.ja.de filmproduktion )

2011 - Allemagne, UK - 83 minutes - VOSTF


Leave your family at age 7, 12 or 16. Travel to a strange place. Make your home in front of a store, in a video club, by a bus station. Learn how to use drugs, beg, steal, scarper, fight, stop feeling frightened. Make friends and enemies. Move into a new world. Adapt. Stories told and journeys made : this film is an insider look at some ‘Bakoroman’ from Gounghin, a (...)
Simplice Ganou (coproduction Diam prod, TV Rennes 35/ Région Aquitaine, CNC, Procirep-Angoa, Africalia)

2011 - France - 63 minutes - VOSTF


Johana, a young actress, and Button, her puppet, have chosen humour to face and beat a painful reality : the progress of an incurable disease. The film tells a story oscillating between smiles and tears, between the here-and-now and the world beyond, between documentary and poetic fiction. Despite the bitter reality of an approaching end, Button defies fate and it all (...)
Res Balzli (Balzli & Fahrer GmbH)

2011 - Suisse - 78 minutes - Version originale française

Canned Dreams

« Canned Dreams » is a lyrical journey across the world. It builds a portrait of ordinary workers, through their own personal stories. All this happens in a frame of following a route of one canned food product, which starts its journey from other side of the world and travels all across Europe. Behind this product are uncountable pairs of hands and their (...)
Katja Gauriloff (Oktober Oy)

2012 - Finlande - 81 minutes - VOST

De Engel van Doel   (Grand Prix festival Ânûû-rû Âboro)

Near the port of Antwerp lies the village of Doel. A village that has been in the way of the megalomaniac expansionary urges of Antwerp for decades, and now finally has to disappear. While Doel is slowly dying, the elderly Emilienne attempts to keep up a pretence of normality. At her kitchen table village life seems to continue like nothing has changed. But when her close (...)
Tom Fassaert (SNG Film)

2011 - Pays-bas, Belgique - 76 minutes - VOSTF

La nuit, elles dansent

This chronicle of a Cairo family, ‘They dance at night’ by Isabelle Lavigne and Stéphane Thibault, gives us an intimate insight into a clan of women, in which the art of dance has been handed down from mothers to daughters since the beginning of time. Gradually the film unveils their daily existence, made up of concern about the threats to their livelihood, tricks to deceive (...)
Isabelle lavigne & Stéphane Thibault (les films du tricycle)

2010 - Canada - 83 minutes - VOSTF

La puerta de no returno

Alphonse, 70 years old, returns to his native country after 40 years as an expatriate in Spain. This is a journey of redemption, a quest for reconciliation and forgiveness. Alfonse will have to speak up and explain 40 years of silence, and face up to the present and his shame and disillusions. The one-way door is a trip between two worlds, a journey through time, between (...)
Santiago A-Zannou (Dokia Films & Shankara Films)

2011 - Espagne - 75 minutes - VOSTF

Le libraire de Belfast

A bookseller without a shop, a scar covered rapper, a dyslexic, opera loving punk, a wannabe popstar, a mattress too big for a bed, another bombscare... The staircases of John Clancy’s terraced house are filled with hundreds of unsold volumes like a Noah’s Ark of Knowledge telling the stories of a city that has known stormier times. John Clancy treads a new path through the (...)
Alessandra Celessia (Dumbworld Productions, Zeugma films, Voges Télévision, Nothern Ireland Screen)

2012 - France - 55 minutes - VOSTF

Lecciones para Zafirah   (Prix du jeune public décerné par les lycéens)

Lessons for Zafirah records the faces and gestures that congregate around the train « The Beast », which represents the symbolic vehicle of escape for thousands of migrants who travel to the United States. Through testimonies, the film captures the participation of people in Mexico who voluntarily provide assistance to migrants : the Women of La Patrona and Father Solalinde. (...)
Carolina Rivas Dominguez & Daoud Sarhandi (Creadores Contemporaneos)

2011 - Mexique - 75minutes - VOSTF

Little Heaven   (Prix du public parrainé par les Nouvelles calédoniennes)

Right In the heart of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa is a small orphanage called “Little Heaven”. One of the orphans, Lydia, is 13 today. A trul joyful event, because she can now move to the “other house” where all of the ‘big kids’ live. Unfortunately this special day is overshadowed by the shocking news delivered to her by the head nurse : Lydia is HIV positive. The (...)
Lieven Corthouts (Taskovki films)

2011 - Belgique - 69 minutes - VOSTF

Special flight   (Prix spécial du jury pour la compétition internationale Hôtel Tiéti)

As they await deportation from Switzerland, a group of rejected asylum-seekers and overstayers languish in Frambois prison. In this detention centre the tension is rising day by day. Guards full of humanist good intentions on one side and men in the grip of fear and stress on the other. Relationships develop here – love and hate, respect and rebellion, until the (...)
Fernand Melgar (Climage)

2011 - Suisse - 103 minutes - Version originale française

Stand van de sterren

This third film of a trilogy, ‘Position among the stars’ transports us into the working-class suburbs of Jakarta. For twelve years, Leonard Retel Helmrich followed a Javanese family. Through the eyes of Rumidjah, the grandmother, he paints a portrait of a fast-changing Indonesian society. In the realities of this world, where corruption rules, in a country with a large (...)
Leonard Retel Helmrich (Scarabee Films)

2010 - Hollande - 109 minutes - VOSTF

International Feature Film Selection

Cheveux rouges et café noir

Hermanovce, Slovakia. A Rom village at the bottom of the valley. Old outhouses and new watertight. An ancestral spirit, Vozarania, which roams. Through the centuries-old gestures, four rom women tell us their daily paper. ). In the course of the words, on the border between two worlds, Stories of red hair and black coffee, Transmission but also (...)
Milena Bochet (Iota Production)

2012 - Belgique - 56 minutes - VOSTF

Empire of Dust

Two men from two different cultures clash in the dust of the former Belgian colony, the Democratic republic of Congo. Lao Yang, the Logistics Manager, is Chinese. Eddy, his inter- preter, is Congolese and speaks fluent Mandarin. Both of them work for a Chinese mining company repai- ring the road between Kolwezi and Lubumbashi, 300 kilometres long. Deliveries dry up and the (...)
Bram Van Paesschen (Savage Film)

2011 - Belgique - 77 minutes - VOST

Five Broken cameras

In his village, Bil’in in Gaza, on the birth of his fourth son, Emad Burnat tries out his first camera. Filming political events and family intimacy in equal parts, Emad Burnat provides an insider vision of the spirit of resistance. These sometimes very violent images, shot over five years, relate events in the colonised territory and the escalation of repression. Damaged (...)
Emad Burnat & Guy Davidi (Productions, Guy DVD Films, Burnat Films Palestine, France Télévisions Print Source CAT&Docs)

2011 - France, Israël, Palestine - 90 minutes - VOSTF

Fragments d’une révolution

Iran, June 12, 2009. Denouncing « massive fraud » in the presidential elections, hundreds of thousands of Iranians took to the streets to express their discontents. At a time when local journalists were muzzled and foreign journalists expelled, the ensuing violent confrontations were living to the entire world films by the anonymous demonstrators. For a full year, Iranians (...)
Film anonyme (Mille et Une. Films, l’Atelier documentaire, LCP/ TVM)

2011 - France - 57 minutes - VOSTF

Kurdish lover

« The Kurdish lover is Oktay, a man of Kurdish origin with whom I share my life. We have been drifting through a devastated region brought to a standstill by war and economic misery. A shaman goes into trance in front of the television, sex-starved hermit dreams of marriage, a ewe is sacrificed and eaten, an old woman prevents her daughter-in-law from learning to read, a (...)
Clarisse Hahnn (les Films du présent)

2010 - France - 98 minutes - VOSTF

Tea or electricity

“Tea or electricity” tells the epic story of the implementation of electricity in a tiny isolated village enclosed in the middle of the Moroccan High Atlas. Over more than three years and season after season, the director patiently reveals the outlines of the net that will inevitably end up closing on the people of Ifri. Before our eyes is drafted the image of the merciless (...)
Jérôme le Maire (Iota Production, Perspective Films, HKS Production, K Films)

2011 - Belgique - 93 minutes - VOSTF


Edgard Pisani, C’est beau la politique, vous savez !

Edgard Pisani was unanimously disavowed when he was responsible for the ‘New Caledonia file’. At the age of 93, this former member of the French resistance, who was close to De Gaulle and Mitterrand, becoming a Prefect and then a Minister, speaks to us about the workings of Government and the meaning of the State. He also reveals the hidden side of his appointment and (...)
Jean-Jacques Rault (Mille et Une. Films)

2011 - France - 60 minutes - Version originale française

Jean-Marie Djibaou ou le rêve d’indépendance

Between the lifting of the Kanak flag in December 1984 and the funeral procession of independence leader in Noumea in May 1989 are part of the years of struggle, drama, palaver, hopes, which Tjibaou was a major actors. Through his journey, this documentary seeks to unravel the history of this crucial (...)
Mehdi Lallaoui (Arte France, Mémoires vives Productions)

2000 - France - 52 minutes -

International Short Film Competition

Dusty night

In a car’s headlights or in the pale light of a petrol pump, in the shadows, the night sweepers of Kabul shift the thick layer of dust lying along an avenue. Images torn from the dust and the night, telling a significant story about the state of the country.
Ali Hazara (Les Ateliers Varan)

2011 - Afganistan, France - 20 minutes - VOSTF


Almost 50 million tonnes of e-waste (electronic waste) are generated worldwide every year. A large volume of second-hand and condemned electronic goods arrive in developing countries from the “developed” world, with a significant quantity arriving as e-waste, exported illegally as second hand goods. Without dialogue, this film presents a visual portrait of unregulated (...)
David Fedele (David Fedele)

2012 - Australie - 20 minutes - VOSTF

Framing the other

The Mursi tribe lives in the south of the east African state of Ethiopia. The women are known for placing large plates in their lower lips and wearing enormous, richly decorated earrings. Every year hundreds of Western tourists come to see the unusually adorned natives ; posing for camera-toting visitors has become the main source of income for the (...)
Ilia kok et Willem Timmers (I camera you productions / Ethiopian Film Initiative co-production)

2011 - Nouvelle-Zélande, Ethiopie - 25 minutes - VOSTF

Godnashistorier fra ondskabens akse    (Prix de la FOL décerné au meilleur court-métrage de la sélection internationale)

“The Axis of Evil” happened in the aftermath of September 11th when George Bush gave a speech where he named a string of countries thought to be homes of terror. In the film we visit a family in Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as night falls. Through childlike cardboard cities we enter into a space between the strange logic of political agitation and fairytales. The stories are (...)
Vibeke Bryld (Upfront films)

2011 - Danemark - 25 min - VOSTF

Murmurs and Rumours

The fruit of a personal approach based on questions and experiments around the theme of prejudice, this film could be defined as a creative documentary. Based on interviews with two researchers, ‘Murmurs and Rumours’ takes a sensitive look at the mechanism of prejudice that colours our perceptions of (...)
Arlais & Raphael Rialland (La Cimade)

2011 - France - 17 minutes - Version originale française

Nos jours absolument doivent-être illuminés

Orléans, 28 May 2011. Prisoners singing inside a prison ; neither the cameras nor the eyes of other people are allowed in. On the other side of the wall, people are listening. Carried away by the music, the faces of the listeners light up and tell the camera their stories. On one side, the voices, on the other, the faces : feelings emerge from the space (...)
Gabriel Périot (Alter Ego Production, Mixar)

2012 - France - 22 minutes - Version originale française

Trois tristes tigres

Migration is a significant livelihood option and a major development issue for Bangladesh. Yet the social welfare of workers is not a major concern at any level. Labor abuses, dishonored contracts and forced returns has generated tens of thousands of broken families, created poverty and destroyed the hopes of many. This film tells the story of three men from the rural (...)
David Munoz (Hibrida et Six oranges)

2010 - Espagne - 14 minutes - VOSTF

Pacific Feature Competition

Diti, la creek à l’aiguille    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

Série de courts métrages sur la TOPONYMIE « Un lieu, une histoire » At Tumâ village, ‘Hê pwa tè Diri ‘ (Eel Creek) is home to a malevolent spirit who must not be disturbed at sunrise or sunset, or it might bite.
Antoine Reiss et Boaé Tyéa (Ânûû-rû Âboro)

2012 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 3 minutes - Version originale française

Du, le piège à poisson    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

Série de courts métrages sur la TOPONYMIE « Un lieu, une histoire » At Pwö Tèda, the river runs out into the sea. This is where the outrigger canoes are pulled up onto the shore and fish is bartered for food crops from up the valleys. And here it is that the elders have built a ‘Du’ fish trap, a barrier of rocks in which is buried the magic mackerel (...)
Antoine Reiss et Boaé Tyéa (Ânûû-rû Âboro)

2012 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 3 minutes - Version originale française

IMULAL « une terre, des racines et des rêves »    (Prix NC 1ère décerné par Nouvelle-Calédonie 1ère au meilleur court- métrage du Pacifique)

A land of asylum and exile, New Caledonia is an island group where many communities mingle. Through the voices of young students in France to study, Imulal asks some questions about the idea of a Caledonian identity and looks at how, through the prism of distance, the future citizenship of New Caledonia can be imagined and become a (...)
Nunë Luepack (Sa No Si Production)

2012 - France - 52 minutes - Version originale française

Kanaky mon pays

This is the portrait of a young Kanak student, a voluntary exile, who is in France to go to university. ‘Kanaky my country’ illustrates the difficulties of young Kanaks in France, the cultural divide, family and community isolation and the heavy responsibility of honouring the hopes and expectations of parents and (...)
Christophe Soéroastro (Ânûû-rû Âboro)

2012 - France, Nouvelle-Calédonie - 25 minutes - Version originale française

La place

In the Vallée du Tir neighbourhood, what life and what future is there for those often called ‘street kids’ ? The 2 film-makers, who come from this working-class district, make their first film from the inside, from behind the hoodie, showing the day-to-day life and view of these youngsters who seem to have been cut adrift and who suddenly seem to have been tipped out of the (...)
Emeri Tialetagi & Alphonse Kate (Poadane)

2012 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 28 minutes - Version originale française

L’élu du peuple, Pouvanaa, te metua

This archival film on the destiny of Pouvanaa a Oopa, the « Metua » or spiritual father, illustrates a little know and yet decisive chapter of comtemporary Polynésian history. Many interviews and commentaries shed light upon the context in which the “Metua” came before French colonial justice.
Marie-Hélène Villierme (Tuatau Production)

2011 - Polynésie Française - 93 minutes - Version originale française

Mââcelo, l’esprit de l’eau    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

Série de courts métrages sur la toponymie « Un lieu, une histoire » Mââcèlo, the water spirit is a meeting with the elders of Gohapin village. When night falls and the water level in the creeks changes, you can hear the chants of ‘Mââcèlo, the water spirit’. Only the initiated are allowed to decipher them. Like dialogue, one calls and one (...)
Antoine Reiss et Boaé Tyéa (Ânûû-rû Âboro)

2012 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 3 minutes - Version originale française

Murundak, song of freedom

« Murundak Songs of Freedom » journeys into the heart of Aboriginal protest music following the Black arm band, a gathering of some of Australia’s finest Indigenous musicans, as they take to the road with their songs of resistance and freedom, From the concert halls of the Sydney Open House to remote Aboriginal communities of the Northern Territory, murundak – meaning « alive (...)
Natasha Gadd et Rhys Graham (Daybreak films Pty Ltd et Kim Webby)

2011 - Australie - 82 minutes - VOSTF

Ochre and Ink, a Chinese artist in Aboriginal Australia

The fascinating story of Chinese-Australian artist Zhou Xiaoping and his inspiring but sometimes controversial 23 year collaboration with Aboriginal artists in remote Arnhem Land, culminating in an extraordinary exhibition in Beijing…
James Brad (Yellows Mountains Films)

2011 - Australie - 27 minutes - VOSTF

Umätu, le chant du notou    (Prix Cèikî décerné par Koniambo Nickel-KNS au meilleur film du Pays)

Série de courts métrages sur la TOPONYMIE « Un lieu, une histoire » ‘Umätù’, the song of the Nautou (pigeon), tells the story of the origin of the name Umätù (Ometteux). When eating the fruit of the ‘Uécia’ tree, the Nautou spluttered ‘Û, û, û’.
Antoine Reiss et Boaé Tyéa (Ânûû-rû Âboro)

2012 - Nouvelle-Calédonie - 3 minutes - Version originale française


Wimawi is the name of a Kanak mourner’s mask from the Hoot ma Whaap region, belonging to the Whaap clan. After being sold and taken to an unknown land, it goes through various pairs of hands before being sold at auction. Currently exhibited at the Quai Branly Museum, this spirit from the land of the dead tells its story : the story of the Kanak (...)
Boaé Tyéa (Ânûû-rû Âboro)

2012 - Kanaky- Nouvelle-Calédonie - 19 minutes - Version originale française



« In my country, young people emigrate as a rite of passage to adulthood. But the rule is that you leave to come back. In fact for many this is a journey of no return, for various reasons that those who stay behind often cannot understand. Joanny, my big brother, suddenly left his family one morning in 1978. After 18 years, and still no news, cousin Augustin, who had come (...)
Michel K. Zongo (Cinnédoc films-Diam production)

2011 - Burkina Faso, France - 81 minutes - VOSTF


Cairo 2010. Katinoula has grown old, but still actively serves a Greek-Egyptian lady of her age and origin. She does the chores around the house, haggles with the Egyptians in the marketplace and blesses each day even though what‘s left of her loved ones is just smiling faces frozen in a picture. Where have all these people gone ? All these years ? Let them go... Let them (...)
Myrna Tsapa (Top-Cut/ Myrna Tsapa)

2012 - Grèce - 47 minutes - VOSTF

KOUKAN KOURCIA, Le Cri de la tourterelle

A long journey from Niger to Côte d’Ivoire, to meet Niger people who were forced into exile twenty years ago by the songs of Zabaya Hussey, a hugely popular female singer. She is now reaching out to them with a song asking them to come home to their country. The film raises, in song, the universal issue of separation : why did they leave their native land ? And what has kept (...)
Sani Elhadj Magori (la Smacprod & Maggia images)

2010 - France, Niger - 62 minutes - VOSTF

La vierge les coptes et moi

Namir is a French filmmaker of Egytian origin. One day he watches a videotape of the Virgin Mary’s apparition in Egypt with his mother who, like millions of other Copts, (Egypt’s Christians) sees the Virgin on the screen while he sees nothing. Skeptical about the videotape, Namir travels back to Egypt, to make a film about the bizarre occurrence of the (...)
Namir Abdel Messeh (Oweda Films)

2011 - France - 85 minutes - VOSTF


“Vie” follows a group of young African women in the streets of Douala – Cameroon. On the screen, there art video-clips dancing stars, but in real life, they struggle to survive. Between the sacrifices the women make to live their passion and the everyday problems that lie upon their path, “Vie” documents the courage and the will it takes to be an artist in a precarious social (...)
Patrick Epapè (Aiprod, Neon Rouge Production, Green Light 7)

2011 - Belgique, France, Cameroun - 53 minutes - VOSTF


Cairo, February 2011, Elsayed, Noha and Ahmed, three young Egyptians, join the Revolution. Day and night, they occupy the square, talk, shout and dance with thousands of other Egyptians, saying what they hadn’t been able to say freely until that moment. The bloody crackdowns of the regime fan the flames of revolt. In Tahrir, the crowd puts up its resistance, they learn how (...)
Stephano Savona (Picofilms )

2011 - France, Italie - 91 minutes - VOSTF