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Paul Néaoutyine
Président de la Province Nord

The Ânûû-rû Âboro Film Festival has become one of the cultural highlights of not only the North Province but our whole Country and is growing increasingly popular well beyond the limits of our lagoon. The Festival is recognised for the high quality of its international selection and I wish to congratulate the organising team for its excellent work. For several decades, images have invaded media space until any genuine information has been upstaged by the continuous, ever changing and amnesic backdrop. Conversely, Ânûû-rû Âboro invites the public to cherish memories and to reflect upon the world around us, its convulsions, chaos and flaws. Filming on a human scale involves showing and revealing man’s very nature as he develops while struggling for a better world, most often in the face of hardship. The fight for people’s rights and dignity, while rooted in national or ethnical characteristics, has no borders or skin colours: resemblance always prevails over difference. It should be a lesson for those of us who strive to build a fully sovereign, independent country, inviting everybody willing to overcome cultural and background differences to commit with self-governing, to take control of our own affairs and to build a peaceful future for our children.

René Boutin
Artistic Director of the Ânûû-rû Âboro Festival

Documentaries are an essential part of the cinematographic experience when we want to analyse and understand the world, as they come from a perfect mix of invention and discovery supporting cinema and knowledge.
We all understand that in our fast moving media and television environment, images are hypnotic but ironically, more often than not they are produced to entertain, to hide something or to end up as archives.
At the same time, documentaries strive for a new way of viewing the world through their ability to bear witness and raise awareness, without concealing any details. Documentaries are constantly in search of a sense in order to generate a cultural heritage, drawing on their artistic potential to reveal, to invent or to explore sounds and images.
These concepts give spectators key ingredients to envisage, to respond and to build around the values that drive us all. We are fortunate to be working on our official program with freedom, far away from powers, rivalries and commercial interests which are so damaging to the audience, the directors and the works themselves.
Neither are we in the game of world premieres which deprives spectators of a large number of quality productions. We take pride in being completely free to design a program meant to bring you what appears to satisfy our questioning and expectations. In this eighth edition of the Festival, while we secured a legitimate place for conventional works, we chose not to exclude films that push the limits of documentaries and their cinematographic narrative.
We have done our best to balance our aspirations with your expectations, to be attentive to your needs without going as far as selfcensorship and without putting together amusements which leave the viewer with a sense of helplessness.